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Screenshots - Wyrd Ways

Wyrd Ways atari screenshot
Wyrd Ways atari screenshot
Wyrd Ways atari screenshot
Wyrd Ways atari screenshot
Wyrd Ways atari screenshot
Wyrd Ways atari screenshot
Wyrd Ways atari screenshot
Wyrd Ways atari screenshot
Wyrd Ways atari screenshot

Information - Wyrd Ways

GenreBrain - Logical / PuzzleYear1994
LanguageGFA BASICPublisherST Format
ControlsJoystickDistributorFuture Publishing
Players1, 2+, DemoDeveloper[no developer]
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Drummond, Scott / Fraser, Campbell

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Drummond, Scott / Fraser, Campbell
Broad, Alan

Game design

Fraser, Campbell / Drummond, Scott

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Wyrd Ways Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Additional Comments - Wyrd Ways

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[no publisher] ([unknown]).

Instructions - Wyrd Ways

Wyrd Ways (Limited Version)
By S.Drummond & C.Fraser (in purely alphabetical order)
Copyright September 1993

Thank you for at least getting this far into the documentation. If you 
are reading this then we hope you like the game and will register. 
(Plea for money No.1) But please read the rest of this text file before 
sending huge amounts of cash.

Title                                                   Chapter
-----                                                   -------
Disclaimer .................................................. 1
Credits ..................................................... 2
Distribution ................................................ 3
Instructions ................................................ 4
It's horrible nasty world out there and therefore to protect our 
innocent little legal butts we are forced into giving notice that:

We, Scott Drummond and Campbell Fraser, take absolutely no 
responsibility for anything. This includes damage to any hardware or 
software in your or anybody else's possession even if it is caused 
,however minuscule the probability or physical possibility, by Wyrd 
Ways or any of its files.


On the other hand we would like to take as much credit as we can for 
absolutely anything, especially everything to do with the design, 
programming, graphics and sonics of the program.

Programmed by Scott Drummond and Campbell Fraser
Programmed in GFA Basic and Devpac 2 Assembler

Graphics by Scott Drummond and Campbell Fraser
Graphics and animation assistance (& loan of sampler) Alan Broad

Chief Playtesters : Paul Tucker, Scott Drummond & Campbell Fraser

Many Thanks go to the other people who had to put up with boring 
computing discussions and those who were asked to play the game at 
every available opportunity.


This game (Wyrd Ways) may only be copied within the restrictions given 
in this document. By Wyrd Ways we mean ALL the following UNMODIFIED 
files :

AUTO\WYRDWAYS.PRG           68786 bytes
PUBLIC\WYRDSAM1.SAM         73420 bytes
PUBLIC\WYRDSAM2.SAM        147486 bytes
PUBLIC\WYRDWAYS.PI1         32034 bytes 
WYRDWAYS.SPR               197474 bytes
READ__ME.TXT                 7594 bytes

The Files in the PUBLIC Directory are PUBLIC DOMAIN and can be freely 
used by anybody. The other files are SHAREWARE and require the 
registaration fee to be paid, cannot be copied outside of this 
agreement, modified in any way or reused by any other programmers.

To use Wyrd Ways on a hard disk create a directory and place READ_ME.TXT, 
WYRDWAYS.PRG & WYRDWAYS.SPR in it. Create a PUBLIC subdirectory and 

WYRD WAYS is not free !!! It is Shareware
If you are planning on keeping Wyrd Ways for more than 48 hours you 
must send the registration fee of œ6 Sterling or ($10 dollars US) or 
more if you can afford it. We think that software in general is 
overpriced but a lot of work has been put into this program and œ6 is 
very reasonable so please register. You did it for Jeff Minter so 
please do it for us. For œ15 ($25) we will also send the GFA and
Devpac source files.

Send your fee and your comments and suggestions to

Campbell Fraser
Top Middle (3/1)
33 Hayburn Crescent
Glasgow G11 5AY


PLOT ( or lack of it..)

The Evil Lord Tarbus is ruler of the underworld and Lord of all things 
base,evil and bad.(especially bad jokes hence his nickname of 'Tarby') 
To amuse himself,Tarbus has hand picked champions from the 4 corners 
of the world and transported them to a strange dimension made by 
Tarbus and used as a fighting arena called the WYRD WAYS! 
In the WYRD WAYS space has been warped so that the is actually more 
matter than space and hence bits of the arena can be moved around. 
Tarbus has given the four champions the power to manipulate the WYRD 
WAYS and is letting them fight to the death for the ULTIMATE Reason :


Wyrd Ways is a game for 2 to 4 players of which any amount can be 
computer players. To select a human player click on the face of the 
character you wish to play. To choose a computer player click on 1 of 
the 3 computers below the faces. The 8 bit computer is the worst 
player and the 32 bit computer is the best computer player.
Next to the computers is the timer. The time shown is the time allowed 
in seconds for the maze phase of the game - the move phase allows for 
half the time for the maze phase. 
The bottom 2 icons are the instructions(the scroll) and the play game 
icon(the maze). Once you have selected all the players you want click 
on the maze and the game will begin.

Each player must collect 6 objects one at a time from the maze. Once 
character has collected all 6 he may then start killing of the 
opposition. Any player hit 4 times by fully equipped characters dies. 
The last man standing is the winner. Each player's move consists of 2 
phases - the maze and move phases. The maze phase lets a player rotate 
the piece of maze in Limbo (in the panel on the right of the screen) 
by placing the cursor over it and pressing Fire. It can then be slid 
into the maze at an even numbered row or column (shown below). These 
are shown as red marks at the right and bottom of the maze.

  Even Cols(X)                 Even Rows(X)

   1 2 3 4 5 6 7               1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1  O X O X O X O            1  O O O O O O O
2  O X O X O X O            2  X X X X X X X
3  O X O X O X O            3  O O O O O O O
4  O X O X O X O            4  X X X X X X X
5  O X O X O X O            5  O O O O O O O
6  O X O X O X O            6  X X X X X X X
7  O X O X O X O            7  O O O O O O O

Each piece in that row column will move along in the direction of the 
cursor arrow and the end piece will fall into Limbo for the next 
player to use. The last maze move cannot be reversed! If row 2 is 
scrolled left the next player cannot scroll row 2 right.

The idea is to work out what the maze will look like if a certain 
piece was scrolled in. There are darker marks on the floor of each bit 
of maze showing the directions you can move from that piece. There are 
only 3 types of piece

 I shaped            L Shaped           T shaped
 (Corridor)          (Corner)           (Junction)

     *                   *                  *
     *                   **                 *
     *                                     ***

exits up &           exits up &        exits up &
   down                right         left and right

The move phase allows the character to walk as far as the walls allow. 
Just click on the square you want the character to go to. Characters 
cannot walk off of one side of the maze onto the other but characters 
(and objects) can be scrolled over in the maze phase.


When one player land on another a fight ensues. The attacker with the 
benefit of surprise (and usually a large stick with a nail in it) wins
& manages to 'throw' the defender to another random square in the maze. 
If the attacker has all his objects then he will inflict 1 point of 
damage to the defender as well. Four hits kills a character.

Keyboard Controls

P - Pause game
Q - Quit game while paused

Trivia - Wyrd Ways

This game features digital sound effects

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