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Screenshots - Tricky

Tricky atari screenshot
Tricky atari screenshot
Tricky atari screenshot
Tricky atari screenshot

Information - Tricky

GenreGambling - YahtzeeYear1994
LanguageCompiled CPublisher[no publisher]
Players1, 1 vs. 2Developer[n/a]
ResolutionHigh / VGA / RGBLicensed from-

Hagedorn, Dirk

Graphic Artist(s)

Hagedorn, Dirk

SoftwareEnglish, German
Game design

Hagedorn, Dirk

Box / InstructionsEnglish, German


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe, TT, Falcon030 / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Tricky Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ? / HD Installable

Additional Comments - Tricky

Other version with the same title:

[no publisher] (version 2.7) ().

Instructions - Tricky

Tricky's guide

     The guide to                              Copyright 1994 by
        Tricky                               Dirk Hagedorn Software
     Version 2.00                              In der Esmecke 9
      1994/08/25                           D-59846 Sundern (Germany)

1. introduction
   1.1 about Tricky
   1.2 system requirements
   1.3 installing Tricky
   1.4 environment
   1.5 known bugs
   1.6 Play it again, GEM!

2. legal information
   2.1 copyright
   2.2 shareware
   2.3 limitations of the unregistered version
   2.4 registration remarks
   2.5 disclaimer
   2.6 trademarks

3. instructions for use
   3.1 general instructions
   3.2 main dialog
   3.3 dialog 'About Tricky'
   3.4 dialog 'Shareware'
   3.5 dialog 'Registration'
   3.6 dialog 'Scores'
   3.7 dialog 'Highscores'
   3.8 dialog 'New highscore'
   3.9 dialog 'Settings'
4. rules
   4.1 general rules
   4.2 Ones, Twos, Threes, Fours, Fives, Sixes
   4.3 Three of a kind
   4.4 Four of a kind
   4.5 Full House
   4.6 Small straight
   4.7 Large straight
   4.8 The tricky
   4.9 The chance

5. appendix
   5.1 contacting the author
   5.2 sources of supply
   5.3 thanks
   5.4 questions & answers
   5.5 Tricky's history

1. introduction

1.1 about Tricky

First of all many thanks for reading this guide! It shall help you to
understand this program through each step and to answer most of your
questions. For example this one:

What the hell is Tricky?

The German language knows an adjectiv called "kniffelig" which means
"to be tricky".

Tricky is version of the game "Kniffel" (also known as "Yatzeeh") for
your Atari computer.

In contrast to most of the other Kniffel-versions Tricky supports
most of the current GEM standards, e.g. it ...

... uses window-dialogs and -alertboxes
... runs with multitasking operating systems like MultiTOS or Mag!X
... runs with any resolution (except ST-Low and ST-Medium)
... can be widely controlled via keyboard
... 3D-Look when using AES 4.0 or higher
... supports MultiTOS- and ICFS-iconification
... supports the VA-protocol (VA_START),

because Tricky is part of the "Play it again, GEM!"-series.

In addition to that Tricky supports some useful features, e.g. ...

... saveable highscores
... saveable settings
... ST-Guide-support

Please keep in mind that this guide expects words like "click",
"dialog" or "menubar" to be known. If you don't know what these words
mean please take a look at the user's guide of your Atari computer.

If a file named "CHANGES.TXT" will be distributed with this program
please take a look at these information. Under some circumstances
these information might differ from the information you can find
ind this guide. In this case the information in "CHANGES.TXT" is
the wright one.

Last but not least please excuse my bad English!

1.2 system requirements

Tricky requires an atari-compatible computer, a tos-compatible
operating system and a resolution of 640x 400 pixels at minimum.

For iconification you have to run a MultiTOS >1.07.

For iconifaction under TOS/Mag!X you have to install the ICFS.

If you want to see this guide while playing Tricky you have to
install the ST-Guide.

1.3 installing Tricky

If you got Tricky from a BBS, the most difficult part of installing
Tricky has already been done: the extraction of the archive.

Tricky runs as an application or as an accessory.

For using Tricky as an application just copy the TRICKY-folder
somewhere to your filesystem.

For using Tricky as an accessory rename TRICKY_E.APP into TRICKY_E.ACC
and copy it to that folder, where all your other accessories are
installed. Usually this is the rootdirectory of your bootdrive.

If you want to read this guide while playing Tricky, install the
ST-Guide and copy TRICKY_E.HYP and TRICKY_E.REF into the folder
containing all the other guides.

That's all!

1.4 environment

Tricky checks the following environment strings:


Purpose: If this environment string and the given folder exist,
         Tricky uses the given folder for loading and saving
         If it doesn't exist PIAGPATH will be checked.


Purpose: If this environment string and the given folder exist,
         Tricky uses the given folder for loading and saving
         If it doesn't exist HOME will be checked.
Remark:  PIAG is the abbreveation of "Play it again, GEM!"


Example: HOME=C:\USR
Purpose: If PIAGPATH isn't set in the environment or the given folder
         doesn't exists, HOME will be checked.
         If this environment string and the given folder exist,
         Tricky uses this folder for loading and saving TRICKY.CNF,
         If it doesn't exist Tricky will use the folder that was
         current when starting Tricky.


Example: REGFULLNAME=Dirk Hagedorn
Purpose: This name is taken as the default name for the first player.


Example: USERSTREET=In der Esmecke 9
         USERTOWN=D-59846 Sundern
Purpose: These strings and $REGFULLNAME will be taken as defaults for
         the registration dialog. So you can spare some time when
         registering vor Tricky and all the other games of the
         "Play it again, GEM!"-series.

You can set the environment in the following ways:

  using TOS and JCNBOOT.
- setenv REGFULLNAME=Dirk Hagedorn within GEM.CNF when using MultiTOS.
- #_ENV REGFULLNAME=Dirk Hagedorn within MAGX.INF when using Mag!X
- export REGFULLNAME="Dirk Hagedorn" within PROFILE(.MUP) when using
  Gemini or the Mupfel.

1.5 known bugs

Within Tricky there are already some bugs or inadequacies:

- no support for WM_ALLICONIFY
- you cannot terminate Tricky by pressing Control and clicking its
  menuentry when running Tricky as an accessory under MultiTOS.
If you think that you have detected a bug within this program, that
isn't listed up here, please contact me. It would be very helpful if
you will then add your system configuration and in which way you can
reproduce the bug.

see also: disclaimer, contacting the author

1.6 Play it again, GEM!

Next to lots of "professional" software products for the Atari
computer unnumerous games exist.

Some months ago the standard configuration of the most Atari users
constisted of an SM-124 and a singletasking operating system and
all was fine.

But today lots of Atari users work with a multitasking OS or use
a graphic card and according to this, all the games programmed
without supporting GEM don't run under these new requirements.

But now there will be the "Play it again, GEM!"-series!

The aim of this series is to present as many games as possible, all
working fine under a multitasking OS and on graphic cards.

To reach this aim I will have to get some resonance from the users,
also from you! Please keep in mind, that nothing is more frustrating
and demotivating than no resonance! If you like this program or
even if you don't like it: let me know!

see: contacting the author

The following table presents you the current state of the "Play it
again, GEM!"-series:

"Play it again, GEM!"-overview                        from 1994/08/25
name             version  archive/date  Equivalent
GEM-Solitaire    1.13     GSOLI113.LZH  Solitaire, Swedish halma
Tricky           2.00     TRICK200.LZH  Kniffel, Yatzeeh
GEM-17 und 4     beta     Sep 1994      17 and 4
GEM-Sokoban      beta     Sep 1994      Sokoban
Don't worry      prog     Oct 1994      Mensch „rgere Dich nicht
GEM-Jack         plan     Dec 1994      Las Vegas Black Jack
GEM-Hanoi        prog     Sep 1994      Towers of Hanoi
GEM-Invert       prog     Sep 1994      Invert
GEM-Patience     prog     Nov 1994      Patience
GEM-Pipeline     prog     Oct 1994      Pipeline,...
GEM-Square       prog     Sep 1994      Magic Square
GEM-Vier gewinnt prog     Oct 1994      Four wins
Move it          prog     Sep 1994      Puzzle, ...
GEM-Backgammon   plan                   Backgammon
GEM-Lab          plan                   3D-Labyrinth
GEM-Mastermind   plan                   Mastermind
GEM-Memory       plan                   Memory
GEM-Mhle        plan                   Mhle
GEM-Puzzle       plan                   Puzzle
GEM-Ships        plan                   Schiffe versenken
to be continued...


name:     (planned) name of the game

version:  x.xx: version of the already published program
          beta: the program is tested now and will be published soon
          prog: I'm programming this game but it's not ready for
                entering the testing period
          plan: if I will get enough resonance I will start
                programming this game

archive/: name of the archive of the published version of a program
date      or the expected date of publication.

2. legal information

2.1 copyright

Tricky is copyrighted by Dirk Hagedorn Software.

Tricky is shareware and may be copied ONLY IN THE UNREGISTERED
VERSION in a noncommercially way to others if the following
requirements are met:

- You do have to copy all files - unchanged - that are part of the
  software package. These are:
     |----TRICKY.APP       - die deutsche Version 
     |----TRICKY_E.APP     - the English version
     |   |----TRICKY.UPL   - Kurzinfos fr den Mailboxupload
     |   |----TRICKY.TXT   - Ascii-Anleitung
     |   |----TRICKY.HYP   - Hypertext fr den ST-Guide
     |   |----TRICKY.REF   - Referenz-Datei fr den ST-Guide
     |   |----TRICKY_E.TXT - ascii-guide
     |   |----TRICKY_E.HYP - Tricky's guide for the ST-Guide
     |   |----TRICKY_E.REF - reference file for the ST-Guide
     |   |----TRICKMON.RSC - Desktop-Icons
     |   |----TRICKCOL.RSC - Desktop-Coloricons
         |----TRICKY.IMG   - Before-Dawn-Movie-Image
         |----TRICKY.BDI   - Before-Dawn-BDI-File

- You are NOT allowed to copy an existing TRICKY.KEY!

- It is NOT allowed to add files to the orginal distribution archive!

2.2 shareware

Tricky is shareware!

This means that you can test this program for two weeks. Then you
have to decide if you want to buy it or not.

After this trial period you have decide if you want to register
this program. If you don't want to do that you have to delete each of
Tricky's files to prevent yourself from using a black copy.

To buy? Black copy? Yes! In contrast to freeware- or public-domain-
software shareware is commercial software distributed in a different

2.3 limitations of the unregistered version

As an incentive and to give the registered users an advantage in
contrast to the unregistered users, the unregistered version has
some limitations:

- When starting Tricky the shareware-dialog will be opened.
- Saving the settings is impossible.
- The highscores won't be saved.

2.4 registration remarks

The shareware fee is

... 10 Deutsche Mark for those who did already register for a program
    of the "Play it again, GEM!"-series. Please note for what program
    you are registered when registering Tricky.

... 15 Deutsche Mark for all the others.

You can pay this fee by...

... sending the money (no coins please!) to

    Dirk Hagedorn
    In der Esmecke 9
    D-59846 Sundern

After having received the fee I will send you a personal keycode.
Entering this keycode in the dialog "Registration" you will be able
to disable the limitations of the unregistered version.

2.5 disclaimer

Tricky has been tested for a long period of time with different
configurations of hardware and software.

But please keep in mind:

    Dirk Hagedorn Software could not be held responsible for any
    direct or indirect damages - including but not restricted to -
    material or financial damages that may result from using this

See also: known bugs

2.6 trademarks

In this guide you may find some names and trademarks that aren't
marked in an explicit way. You shouldn't conclude that it is possible
to use these names or trademarks for yourself.

"Play it again, GEM!" is a trademark of Dirk Hagedorn Software.

"Atari", "ST", "TT", "Falcon", "TOS", "MultiTOS" are trademarks
or registered trademarks of Atari Corporation.

3. instructions for use

3.1 general instructions

Tricky is a modern GEM-application.

Within the (window-)dialogs you can select some buttons via keyboard.
These buttons have got an underlined character. To select one of these
buttons just press the Alternate-key and the underlined character.

Menuentries of the global menubar or of the local menubars (menubars
of windows) may have some characters at the end of its text, that
represent the combination of keys you have to press for choosing
the menuentry (hotkey).

The character...

... ^ represents Control
...  represents Shift
...  represents Alternate

It might be possible that an entry of the global menubar and an entry
of the menubar of the top window have the same hotkey. In this special
case the hotkey selects the entry of the local menubar.

3.2 main dialog

The main dialog is devided up into a menubar, the dice an the

It might be fully controlled via mouse or keyboard (menu hotkeys).

On the left side you can see the five dice, which you can (de-)select
by clicking or chosing the attached menu item.

On the right side of the main dialog you can see the gameboard
filled with the name of the current player and his points.

Choosing one of the menu items starts the follwing actions:

Menu "Game"
   New ............... Starts a new game
   Info .............. Opens the dialog 'About Tricky'
   Help .............. Calls ST-Guide to show this hypertext
   Scores ............ Opens the dialog 'Scores'
   Highscores ........ Opens the dialog 'Highscores'
   Quit .............. Quit Tricky

Menu "Dice"

   1st dice .......... (De-)selects the 1st dice
   2nd dice .......... (De-)selects the 2nd dice
   3rd dice .......... (De-)selects the 3rd dice
   4th dice .......... (De-)selects the 4th dice
   5th dice .......... (De-)selects the 5th dice
   Select all ........ Selects all dice
   Deselect all ...... Deselects all dice
   Throw ............. Throws all deselected dice

Menu "Score"

   Ones .............. Set points for ones in the gameboard
   Twoes ............. see above
   Threes ............ see above
   Fours ............. see above
   Fives ............. see above
   Sixes ............. see above
   Three of a kind ... see above
   Four of a kind .... see above
   Full House ........ see above
   Small straight .... see above
   Large straight .... see above
   Tricky ............ see above
   Chance ............ see above

Menu "Optionen"

   Registration ...... Opens the dialog 'Registration'
   One player ........ Starts new game for one player
   Two players ....... Starts new game for two players
   Settings .......... Opens the dialog 'Settings'
   Save settings ..... Saves the current settings

3.3 dialog 'About Tricky'

Here you can see some information about Tricky, e.g. the version and
the date of version, who programmed Tricky and to whom it is

Choosing the button "Info..." opens the dialog 'legal information'.

3.4 dialog 'legal information'

In this dialog you can see some legal information concerning Tricky
and its shareware state.

You can also see my address and my bank account. If these information
differ from the information of this guide use the data from this

Choosing the button "Register" opens the dialog "Registration".

3.5 dialog 'Registration'

Here you have to enter your address and the keycode which you got
after paying the shareware fee.

Quitting the dialog with "OK" and having entered correct data, Tricky
saves a file named TRICKY.KEY. This file contains some information
used to distinguish between the registered and unregistered version.

3.6 dialog 'Scores'

In this dialog you can see the current score of each player. Nonactive
players are lightened.

3.7 dialog 'Highscores'

In this dialog you can see the ten best Tricky-players with
their score and the date of score.

3.8 dialog 'New highscore'

Congratulations! When you see this dialog you have got a new

Please enter your name and choose the "OK"-button.

3.9 dialog 'Settings'

In this dialog you can enter the names of the players. These names
will be printed into the main dialog and will set as a default in
the dialog 'New highscore'.

4. rules

4.1 general rules

- Tricky is played with five dice and a gameboard.

- The goal is to fill the gameboard and to get high scores by
  combining the dice.
- The order of the dice isn't important.

- For each entry of the gameboard you can throw the dice three times.

- After the first and second throw cou can protect four to five dice.
  A protected dice won't be thrown the next time.
- A dice is protected when its icon is selected.

- After the third throw you have to choose an entry from the

- Each entry might be used once except the Tricky.

- The points are summed up in first place in the left half and in
  second place in the right half of the gameboard.
  If you get a score of 63 points or higher in the left half you
  will get 35 bonuspoints.

4.2 Ones, Twos, Threes, Fours, Fives, Sixes

These entries you can find in the left half of the gameboard.

How to explain this in English? Phew! ;-)

When the dice show 23551 and you choose...

... "Ones" you will get one point because the last dice shows 1.
... "Twos" you will get two points because the first dice shows 2.
... "Threes" you will get three points because the 2nd dice shows 3.
... "Fours" you will get no point because no dice shows 4.
... "Fives" you will get ten points because the third and forth dice
    are showing 5.
... "Sixes" you will get no point because no dice shows 6.

4.3 Three of a kind

"Three of a kind means" that at least three dice have the same pips.

For "Three of a kind" you will get the sum of all pips.

4.4 Four of a kind

"Four of a kind means" that at least four dice have the same pips.

For "Four of a kind" you will get the sum of all pips.

4.5 Full House

"Full House" means that three dice have one kind of pips and the other
two dice have another kind of pips. A "Full House" here is the same
as in Poker.

For a "Full House" you will get 25 points.

4.6 Small straight

A "Small straight" consists of at least four dice that succeed one

For a "Small straight" you will get 30 points.

4.7 Large straight

A "Large straight" consists of five dice that succeed one another.

For a "Large straight" you will get 40 points.

4.8 The tricky

You have got a Tricky when all dice have the same pips.

For a Tricky you will get...

... 50 points if it was the first Tricky and
... 100 points for all the following ones.

4.9 The chance

Here you will get the sum of all pips.

5. appendix

5.1 contacting the author

You can contact the author of this program via...

... mail. Send your letter to:
    Dirk Hagedorn
    In der Esmecke 9
    D-59846 Sundern
    Please keep in mind that I will answer only if you will send also
    an envelope with your address and 1 Deutsche Mark for the stamp!
    If you want the current version of Tricky then add a formatted
    3.5"-DD-flopyy-disc and 2 Deutsche Mark for the stamp!

... email. Send your message to: via Internet
    Please keep in mind not to send binaries, uucoded mails or
    messages of 16kb or higher!

5.2 sources of supply

You can get the current version of Tricky by sending me an
envelope with your full address, 2 Deutsche Mark for the stamp and a
formatted 3.5"-DD-floppy-disc.

Owners of a modem can download the current version of Tricky from the
Quark Paderborn and the Maus Paderborn 2:
- Quark PB:  +49-5251-71409
- Maus PB2:  +49-5251-541578

The archive is named TRICKxxx.LZH where xxx is replaced with the
current number of version.

When presenting a new version of this program I will send an email to
the MausNet-group "ATARI.INFO".

5.3 thanks

First of all I'd like to thank the few ones (BJ, TS, WK, MW) who
motivated me to go on developing Tricky when it was Fairware.

Especially I'd like to thank the persons who did the betatesting and
without whom Tricky would'nt look like this. Many thanks to...
... Marcus Endberg,
... Dirk Haun,
... Martin Heise,
... Helmut Schilling and last but not least
... Michael Wurm.

In addition to those I'd like to thank...
... my girlfriend Andrea for not having destroyed my Atari yet. ;-)
... the Atari-experts of the MausNet.
... the German soccerteam for losing against Bulgaria. So I have
    been able to go on developing Tricky. ;-)
... all those who excuse my bad English!

5.4 questions & answers

Q: Tricky saves TRICKY.SCO. Why?
A: In this file the highscores are saved.

Q: Tricky save TRICKY.CNF. Why?
A: In this file the settings are saved.

Q: And what's TRICKY.KEY?
A: TRICKY.KEY is the file containing the registration data.
   By the way, let me say that this file is encrypted.
Q: When starting Tricky in ST-Low or ST-Medium the dialogs are looking
   pretty funny. Why?
A: The resource files haven't been adapted yet for these resolutions
   because I think, that there aren't so many users working with them.

Q: When starting Tricky with Mag!X and MetaDOS installed it doesn't
   find its files?
A: Because of some problems with Dgetdrv() under some circumstances
   the current folder will be set false. When running MetaDos an
   Mag!X, use the environment string PIAGPATH.

Q: How did you program Tricky?
A: Tricky has been developped using Pure C 1.1 (by Application Systems
   Heidelberg), Interface 2.20 (by Olaf Meisiek) and the SysGem-
   library by Andreas Pietsch.
Q: Where can I get the current version of Tricky?
A: See "Sources of supply".

Q: I don't have Deutsche Mark. What can I do now?
A: Send me an equivalent ammount of money in Austrian Schillings,
   Swiss Francs, French Francs, Belgium Francs, Netherland Guilders,
   Italian Lira, British Pounds, US-Dollars or visit your bank and
   get Deutsche Mark or a listed currency.
   Other currencies will not be accepted!

Q: What's "Gemini"?
F: Gemini is a well done shareware-desktop with an integrated Unix-
   shell programmed by Stefan Eising.

Q: What's "ICFS"?
A: ICFS is the abbreveation for "Iconifying Server", an autofolder
   program by Dirk Haun. Having ICFS installed and using a program
   that supports ICFS, you will be able to iconify a window.

Q: What's "JCNBOOT"?
A: JCNBOOT is a nice bootselector made by Jens C. Neffe. Next to its
   main feature it supports resizing of the Cookie Jar and setting
   the environmental strings.

Q: What's "Before Dawn"?
A: Before Dawn is a screensaver from Arne Rudolph.

Q: Don't you have other hobbies than programming?
A: Oh, sure ;-)

5.5 Tricky's history

V2.00  (1994/08/25):

- the dialog "About Tricky" showed a wrong account
- some problems with drawing the "Throw"-buttons after the third
  throw fixed
- the main dialog will now be redrawn after an alertbox has gone.

- Tricky is shareware now! It seems to be nessecary to include
  limitations to get some mones from the users. :-(
- new outfit
- two players can play Tricky
- more than one Tricky is possible
- first English version
- support for the ST-Guide
- support for VA_START
- environment strings are used

V1.03 (1994/06/02):

- the current folder is now used for saving TRICKY.SCO
- after receiving AC_CLOSE, TRICKY.SCO will not be saved.


- preperations for color icons. The program is now a bit bigger.
- the dialog "Highscores" is no unmodal.
- you have to (de-)select the dice directly now. The hotkeys are
  still the same.
- small changes in the random routines
- TRICKY.SCO will only be saved when the highscores changed

V1.02 (1994/05/31):

- Everything was accepted as a "Small straight" (reported by Tilman
  Schmachtel @ KN)
- The "Throw"-button was wrongly drawn after the third throw.

- alertboxes within windows
- mouse changes to busybee while loading or saving
V1.01 (1994/05/29):

- "Three of a kind" wasn't added to the score (reported by Michael
  Wurm @ PB)

- movie image for the screensave Before Dawn

V1.00 (1994/05/26):
- First publication of the GEM-version.

anno 1984:
- More than ten years ago the first version of Tricky was programmed
  on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum ;-)

converted with: stg2asc, Aug  9 1994, (c) by Dirk Hagedorn

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