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Screenshots - Star Trek

Star Trek atari screenshot
Star Trek atari screenshot
Star Trek atari screenshot
Star Trek atari screenshot

Information - Star Trek

GenreStrategy - WargameYear
LanguageSTOS BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Elson, Eric

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Elson, Eric

Game design

Elson, Eric

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Goldsmith, Jerry

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Elson, Eric

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST / 1MB
Dumpdownload atari Star Trek Download / STNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Star Trek

                      STARSHIP ENTERPRISE

                        CAPTAINS ORDERS

Captain Kirk, as the Commander of the Starship Entrprise, it is now your
sole duty to rid the galaxy of the invasion of Klingons and to save the
Federation from total destruction.

At your disposal you have the latest vessel of the Starfleet - the ship
ENTERPRISE. It is equipped with all the state-of-the-art technology and
weaponry available, and this will ensure the complete anihilation of the
Klingon fleet.

On acceptance of this mission, you will be transported to the bridge of
the Enterprise. It's design will be somewhat familiar, but the following
describes the various controls for your reference:
Your view from the captain's seat is centred on the digitised video-lock
target and message screen. On either side are the chart scans - one is a
long range and the other short range. Several other data displays are at
the edges of the screen. Below the target screen are the energy level and
warp factor displays, together with the ship's analogue octo-placement
navi-compass, intercom control and click-action command buttons.

 In detail, the displays and controls are listed below.

   Torpedos - 15 on restocking from starbase.
   Probes   -  5 on restocking from starbase.
   Status   -  Colour code bar-light
               Red   - Klingon(s) in quadrant
               Green - Quadrant clear
               Amber - Enterprise docked
   Klingons -  Number of Klingons remaining to be destroyed
   Stardate -  Logged date since last move in galaxy
   The Galaxy has been charted into 64 Quadrants for navigation.
   The left scan chart shows the location of all chartable items in the
   current position quadrant. The right scan chart shows the current 
   quadrant centred in the surrounding eight nearest quadrants.
   In both charts the Klingons show as red, Starbases are yellow, the
   Enterprise is green and asteroids are displayed white. Other coloured
   items are light blue for a Klingon research station and purple for a
   Klingon mothership.
   The FX control, when clicked will enable/disable the ship's internal
   voice communication system and attack display.
   Click-action command buttons are activated with the left mouse-button.
   When selected, a right-click will complete the command on most.
   TRA - Activate transporter.
         Activate transportation to other chartable items if allowed. 
         A display of the transporter party's view will be shown in the 
         screen. Their required movements can be transmitted by clicking
         to the left or right edge of the picture or in the centre to 
         move them forward. Only on completion of their task can the
         party be beamed back to the ship, and the mission continued by
         clicking again.

   SRS - Short Range Scan.
         Updated automatically when needed or can be manually selected.
   LRS - Long Range Scan.
         Only updated on request. Enterprise located in the centre of the
         block of nine quadrants.
   TOR - Photon Torpedos.
         One torpedo will destroy most chartable items. After selection,
         the course to follow should be entered on the navi-compass by
         moving the mouse until the pointer is correctly placed, and then
         right clicking. The torpedo will automatically launch at static
         targets, but will be held primed to launch for moving targets -
         a left click will release the torpedo on its course.
   PHS - Phasers.
         A burst of high-intensity energy is radiated from the ship. The
         level can be no higher than that currently in the Energy bank as
         shown by the top slider scale on the display marked "E".
         Level is set by moving the mouse and right clicking at required
         strength. Results depend on distance of travel of the energy.

   PRB - Positional Probe.
         When selected and dispatched, a probe will return details of the
         location of a Starbase in relation to the Enterprise. The data
         is a full galactical display superimposed over the short-range
         scan. Each small square represents a quadrant. If the Ship is
         DOCKED with a starbase, the probe will return details of any
         ALIEN vessel other than the battle-cruisers. A bell indicates
         no vessel found in direction chosen on the navi-compass.

   NAV - Navigation.
         Movement around the galaxy is from quadrant to quadrant. Set the
         course on the navi-compass by right-clicking on the required
         direction and then left-clicking on the warp-factor - 1 to 8.
         A warp of 1 will move 1 square in the short range scan, 4 will
         move 4 squares etc. To dock with a Federation Starbase, the
         Enterprise must be shown on the SRS adjacent to the base on the
         left or right of it. Docking replenishes energy, torpedos and
   SH  - Shields.
         The most important equipment on the ship. The shields protect
         from attack by Klingon fighters if at a sufficient level. They
         can be set at any time by drawing energy from the main banks.
         Move the mouse to position the slider at the required level and
         right-click to divert the energy. Shields are most vulnerable
         when under attack from two or more klingon fighters. However,
         a recently developed piece of hardware when fitted to the ship
         will reduce this effect. The problem is - it has been stolen for
         research by the Klingons, but once found again, it can be fitted
         immdediately to the Enterprise. Development section have fitted
         the ship with a homing display above the LRS. A green bar will
         indicate the hardware's close proximity. Red indicates no signal

          Should the Klingon Commander feel that his fleet is under dire
          threat of being defeated, he is likely to call in a Mothership,
          which is a vessel of immense propotions and is used as a huge
          factory to produce new fighter craft. It will even destroy a
          Federation starbase to use as spare parts. If the Klingons do
          resort to this, a local Federation base will advise, and it is
          in your interest to seek out and destroy the Mothership in any
          way you can.

Trivia - Star Trek

This game features digital titlemusic
Music is an excerpt of the Star Trek theme music

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