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Screenshots - Rockfall

Rockfall atari screenshot
Rockfall atari screenshot

Information - Rockfall

GenreArcade - Boulder DashYear1992
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherST User
Players1DeveloperSOS Software
ResolutionLowLicensed from

Brasier, Jason

CountryUnited Kingdom 
Graphic Artist(s)

Brasier, Jason

Game design

Brasier, Jason

Box / InstructionsEnglish
Musician(s)LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Brasier, Jason

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Rockfall Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Rockfall

Rockfall - Instructions

Rockfall  is  a  game based on the classics  Boulderdash  and  the 
Repton series.   Therefore,  you should have a fairly good idea of 
what the game involves, but there are some differences.

The  basic idea of the game is to collect all of the  diamonds  in 
each  level.   You do this by simply walking over them  with  your 

The  first  hazard you will come across comes from  the  boulders.  
They  fall whenever they are unsupported,  and they can also  roll 
off other objects which aren't level.   If a boulder falls on your 
head,  then it's bye-bye to one of your lives.   Boulders are also 
they  key to finishing the levels.   It will be necessary to  move 
them to strategic positions within the levels.   You move them  by 
pushing  them from either the left or the right side.   You  can't 
push them up or down.

Some of them may be hidden in safes.  You must first collect a key 
which  will  open  ALL of the safes which  will  then  reveal  the 
diamonds allowing you to collect them.

No game is complete without some nasties.   There are two  nasties 
in Rockfall,  which are monsters and Pulsators.   I will deal with 
the monsters first.

There  can be upto four monsters on a level.   They start  off  as 
eggs, and must be pushed so that they fall and break.  After a few 
seconds  the  monster will emerge,  and start  running  about  the 
level.   In order to complete the level you must also kill all  of 
the monsters.  This is done by pushing a boulder onto them.

Unlike  monsters,  Pulsators are running about the level from  the 
time  you enter it.   They are strange creatures which find  their 
way  around  by keeping the wall (or other object which  get's  in 
their  way) to their left.   Somewhere around the level will be  a 
trap for each one of the Pulsators.   It is your job to guide them 
to the traps.   This is done by leaving objects or moving boulders 
in their path.   When a Pulsator enters a trap it will turn into a 
diamond.   Therefore,  to complete the level you must trap all  of 
the  Pulsators.   It  isn't  possible to  kill  them  by  dropping 
boulders onto them.  In fact, you could 'daze' them instead, which 
means  that they start to travel in a small circle  (stopping  you 
from finishing the level as they will never enter a trap!).  It is 
possible to undaze them, but that's for you to find out.

When you have done all that,  you must make your way to the  exit, 
which should now be showing the word 'OUT'.  This will take you to 
the next level.

Did I mention the time limit?   No.   Well,  you start off with  3 
minutes (180 seconds) to complete the first level.   For following 
levels,  you get an extra two minutes (120 seconds) in addition to 
what you have left from the previous level.   If this time  should 
happen  to  reach zero,  then I'm afraid it's the  immortal  words 

You  start off with five lives.   You will lose one  whenever  you 
come into contact with a monster or a Pulsator.  You will also die 
if you allow a boulder or an egg to fall on your head!

As a recap,  you complete the level by doing the following  within 
the time limit:

     1.   Collect all of the diamonds.
     2.   Collect all diamonds hidden in safes.
     3.   Kill all of the monsters.
     4.   Trap all of the Pulsators.
     5.   Walk to the exit.

To control your character, 'tatoe-head, you use the joystick.  The 
four main directions make him move in that direction.   Be careful 
with  the fire button,  as that makes him lose one of  his  lives.  
This  is  used  when you get him trapped in  part  of  the  level.  
Pressing fire may get him out (notice I said 'may',  as this  will 
put him back at the starting position).

Other controls are operated from the keyboard.   The first one, by 
pressing 'X', will allow you to return to the desktop.  To abort a 
game completely press 'Q'.

There are 48 levels in Rockfall,  so you'd better get cracking  as 
it will take some time to complete.   Some of the levels will seem 
impossible,  but I assure you the game has been thoroughly  tested 
and each level can be completed in a single life.

CREDITS:       Rockfall  was  written by Jason Brasier  using  the 
               Devpac  2 assembler.   All graphics and  sound  are 
               also by Jason Brasier.   Additional ideas and  most 
               of the levels came from Philip and James Brown.  
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