Mystic Well (The)

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Screenshots - Mystic Well (The)

Mystic Well (The) atari screenshot
Mystic Well (The) atari screenshot
Mystic Well (The) atari screenshot
Mystic Well (The) atari screenshot
Mystic Well (The) atari screenshot

Information - Mystic Well (The)

GenreAdventure - RPG (3-D)Year1990
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
Players1DeveloperJing Gameware
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Todd, Jim

Graphic Artist(s)

C., Ian

Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Mystic Well (The) Download / STNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Mystic Well (The)

This game is shareware. You may distribute it freely. If you are 
using it please send $10 and I will send a full working version.

      ******************** Mystic Well **********************

File Update 5/22/1991
Added Clues at end.
File can now be Shown from Desktop.

This is the mouse version of Mystic Mirror. The following changes
have been made. 

All joystick operations are duplicated by a mouse. Consider all
following references to joysticks to mean the mouse.
Wizards cannot cast spells anymore.
Anyone can use anything, although not as effectively.
Wizards can use spell books endlessly.


     In a land far away a powerful wizard enchanted his life force
into a golden skull and proclaimed himself to be a god.  Then in a 
display  of his malevolence he conquered the citadel known as  the 
MYSTIC  MIRROR.  You play the part of adventurer who has vowed  to 
defeat  his evil plans and prevent the destruction of your  world. 
You  will play the part of one of four  character classes  in  the  
pursuit  of your goal.  You may play a solitaire adventure or  you 
may play with a friend. It is even possible to have a partner join
later in the game.

     To start a game double click GAME.TOS and follow the screen
     To quit a game in progress press  and the game will exit 
immediately.  You  should save your game if  you  want  it before
you exit as a save is not made during exiting.


     Once  you have selected a new game you will need to  roll  up 
your characters scores and then select a class for him or her.  To 
roll your scores press the button on the joystick.  Once you  have 
an acceptable set of scores then push the joystick in one of  four 
     To select the wizard push the joystick up.
     To select the rogue push the joystick down.
     To select the priest push the joystick to the left
     To select the fighter push the joystick to the right
     The  viewport  should  then light up with  the  view  of  the 
garden as seen through your characters eyes.

     On the left is player A using joystick port 1.  On the  right 
is player B using joystick port 0.  From now on we will only refer 
to player A's side of the screen.
     In  the upper left you will see 4 vertical  bars.  These  are 
your status bars.  In all cases the higher the bars the better off 
you are. Starting from the left bar here is what they mean.
     The green bar is your current health. If this bar drops below 
zero  then you will die.  The red  bar is your short  term  energy 
level  and affects your ability to complete actions.  If this  bar 
drops to low you will be unable to cast spells,  do melee attacks, 
and perform many other actions.  This bar drops whenever you  move 
or  perform many other actions.  The brown bar is your food  level 
and affects how fast you recover health.  The last or blue bar  is 
your  water level and affects energy recovery. Casting spells  and 
using magic items can also cause dehydration.
     To the right of your status bars is a blank area. Symbols for 
active  spells will appear here.  Below all this is  the  viewport 
which is the players vision of the world as the see it. A heads up
display arrow will appear whenever movement is about to be made to 
help  with feedback to make controlling the  characters  movements 
     Below the viewport is information about the character.  First 
is  the class followed by the current level and the  then  current 
health points. Below this is strength, agility, reason, and vigor.
Strength  affects how much damage is done with  handheld  weapons, 
fists,  rocks and the like.  Agility affects your ability to avoid 
the  monsters attacks and even spells sometimes.  It also  affects 
energy usage.  A character with a high agility will be able to  do 
more  actions with a high energy bar than a character with  a  low 
agility will be able to perform.  Reason affects most spellcasting 
and  the ability to use many magic items.  The higher your  reason 
the more effective your spells will tend to be and the easier  you 
will be able to cast them. Vigor affects your health. In fact your 
maximum health is proportional to your current vigor. 
     Below your scores are two icons that either show empty  hands 
or their contents.  To the right of these is a description of what 
is in your right hand.
     Below your hands are four values describing your armor versus
physical,  fire,  electrical,  and poison in that order.  You will 
want to use armor, clothes, and whatever in an attempt to maximize


FORWARD: push the joystick up.
BACKWARD: push the joystick down.
SLIDE LEFT: push the joystick to the left.
SLIDE RIGHT: push the joystick to the right.
TURN LEFT: hold down button and push joystick left.
TURN RIGHT: hold down button and push joystick right.
ATTACK:  move toward monster (forward only).  You will see a slash 
mark  on the screen to show that you did a melee attack. This will 
work with empty hands, swords, clubs, ect. Many items will default 
to hand attack (such as books,rocks, ect.)
USE ITEM: hold down joystick button and push the joystick up. This 
is used for such things as throwing rocks, clubs, or using special 
powers  of  swords  or wands.  It is also used  for  eating  food, 
drinking water,  or refilling a flask when standing in front of  a 
well.  This  also allows the use of special powers for  the  class 
when  the hands are empty.  This includes the fighters  kick,  the 
priests  prayer,  the rogues jump/dodge and the wizard  casting  a 
MANIPULATE  EXTERNAL:  hold the joystick button down and move  the 
joystick down.  This is used for pressing buttons,  pushing walls, 
or opening and closing doors.
OTHER  KEYS:  Certain  keys  on the keyboard are  used  for  other 
functions.  The  left side player uses the function keys  and  the 
spacebar, while the right side player uses the keypad on the right
side of the keyboard.

f1                  (                   pickup object in front
f2                  )                   drop object to front
f3                  /                   swap object with hand or
                                        put on or in pack
f4                  *                   select pack up 1
f5                  -                   select pack down 1
spacebar            keypad enter        put/get from/to backpack
1                   keypad 1            earth symbol
2                   keypad 2            fire symbol
3                   keypad 3            air symbol
4                   keypad 4            water symbol
5                   keypad 5            mass symbol
6                   keypad 6            dimension symbol
7                   keypad 7            recursion symbol
8                   keypad 8            conversion symbol
9                   keypad 9            clear spell symbols

If   you  move  then  the  backpack  icons  will   be   deselected 
automatically.  You  can search a wall by pressing the f1 key  and 
attempting  to pick up something.  Your right hand must  be  empty 
just like picking up something you can see.                         

Examples: To  put on the shoes in the garden,  move till you  face 
them then press the f1 key.  The shoes should appear in your right 
hand.  Then  press the f4 key three times.  The pack icons  should 
appear  and  a white box appear around the  grey  shoe  background 
icon.  Press  the  f3 key and the shoes will appear in  that  spot 
leaving the hand.   

THE FIGHTER:  The fighter is the brawn of the world.  Strength  is 
his most important attribute and affects the damage done with  his 
weapon.  His best friend is a good sword,  the sharper the better. 
He  has  high health that represents his fighting  skill  and  the 
ability  to survive in adverse conditions.  The fighter lives  for 
the  love  of battle and gains his best experience  from  it.  The 
fighters  special ability is pummeling.  He can do this  when  his 
right  hand  is empty and he holds down the  joystick  button  and 
pushes the joystick forward. This will use up his remaining energy
in one all out attack. A fighter gets 10 health points per level.

THE ROGUE: The rogue is the speed of the world. Her most important 
attribute  is her agility.  She can use most items and  wear  most 
armor. Her best source of experience is the treasure she gets. Her
special power is a jump/dodge forward. This allows her to get past
monsters  when  trapped and avoid glyphs and pits easily  or  just 
plain move faster.  She also does the best in hand to hand combat. 
A rogue gets 6 health points per level. 

THE  PRIEST:  The priest is the blessed of the world.  Their  most 
important attribute is their vigor. They have the special power of 
prayer.  Whenever  a  priest  prays he gets a divine  map  of  his 
surroundings,  a  little  bit  of healing,  and  a  blessing  that 
protects  against  attacks and absorbs the damage from  the  first 
successful  hit.  They  can  only use  blunt  weapons.  They  gain 
experience  from slaying monsters and treasure.  A priest  gets  8 
health points per level.
THE  WIZARD:  The wizard is the brains of the  world.  Their  most 
important  attribute  is  their reason.  Their  special  power  is 
spellcasting. They gain experience from casting spells and getting 
treasure.  Casting spells is quite dehydrating especially for  low 
level wizards. As a wizard improves though, he learns not to drain
his own body of its fluids. To cast a spell he selects the symbols
using the number keys.  He then holds the joystick button down and 
presses the joystick forward. A spell will not be cast if there is
no  water,  insufficient energy,  or the spell is to hard for  the 
wizard. A wizard gets 4 health  points  per level.


1)   Get a character with good vigor. Health points are great  for 
staying alive.

2)   Learn what to do with your treasure. Its not just  there  for 

3)   Watch  your food and water.  This affects  your  recovery  of 
health and energy. You should carry extra water, especially if you
are a priest or wizard.

4)   You will need to find keys to open certain doors.  There  are 
four different keys you will probably need. 

5)   Be  sure to go back to the garden and save the game  whenever 
you get something useful or gain a level.
6)   Learn  the monsters weak spots.  Many monsters are immune  to 
certain  attack forms.  It is quite difficult to kill the  walking 
dead with a death spell. 

7)   Many ordinary looking items actually have special powers.

8)   There are 10 levels to the game.

9)   Death's number is in Revelation.

10)  Cast fireballs at the walls on the top level.

11)  Some levels regenerate monsters. You can never clean them up.

                    MYSTIC MIRROR was developed by
                        Jim Todd
                        Box 281
                        Beaverton, Oregon 97075
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