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Screenshots - Jetpac

Jetpac atari screenshot
Jetpac atari screenshot
Jetpac atari screenshot
Jetpac atari screenshot
Jetpac atari screenshot
Jetpac atari screenshot
Jetpac atari screenshot

Information - Jetpac

GenreShoot'em Up! - MiscellaneousYear1994
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherST Format
ControlsJoystickDistributorFuture Publishing
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Whitby, Pete

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Whitby, Pete

Game design

Stamper, Chris

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Hippel, Jochen [Mad Max]

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Whitby, Pete

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 1MB
Dumpdownload atari Jetpac Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Additional Comments - Jetpac

Other version with the same title:

Budgie UK (version 1.3) (United Kingdom).

Instructions - Jetpac

 Version 1.3
 Released 15/7/92

   JETPAC.PRG       The main proggie
   READ.ME          This text.

     Jetpac  can  be run on any ST with a colour monitor/TV and from anywhere,
 including  a hard drive or ramdisk. It will also run in low or medium rez. It
 can be made to auto boot by sticking it in an AUTO folder and reseting. You
 can exit by pressing F10 from the main intro, and it will return you GEM.

                                  BUDGIE UK
  This game is part of Budgie UK's range of most excellent games and utilities.
  You may spread it, but please do not sell it without prior arrangement with
  Budgie UK. Find their address elsewhere in this doc.

Anybody out there wants to write to me, my address is:

                    Pete J. Whitby
                    18 Woodgrove Road
                    BS10 7RE

 I  will  answer as soon as poss. (especially if  you're an Artist type person
 - See below somewhere !!)

 Oh well, that's the boring bit over with. Here's the spectacular intro ....

               XXXXXXX  XX     XXXXXX  XX   XX  XX    XX XX
                    XX  XXXX       XX  XX   XX  XX    XX XX
                    XX  XXXX       XX  XXXXXX   XX XXXXX XX
               X    XX  XX         XX  XX       XX    XX XX
               XXXXXX    XXXXX     XX  XX       XX    XX  XXXXXX
                                - P.J. Whitby -

             Proggie code, graphics & sound fx .... Pete J. Whitby
             Cool intro & In-game music  .......... Mad Max of TEX
            Based on a really old speccy game by ULTIMATE (ACG/RARE)
                              (c)1992 BUDGIE UK


 Very simple, very easy. Your annoying little sister could play it. Boot up
 the  game from wherever you've put it, hit space to get past the info screen,
 then fire to start.
      Guide the little dude with the jetpac around the screen, collecting bits
 of rocket (In correct order, Bottom to Top) and drop them over the launch pad
 to build it. Then do the same for the fuel that drops down until the
 fuel-guage is full. Jump in the ship and off you go to the next level.
 Shoot the (Badly drawn -Sorry !) weirdo's. Some take multiple hits. Some are
 indestructable and some are bloody hard to hit!
 Anything else that falls down from the top of the screen and just sits on a
 platform doing nothing very interesting is probably a bonus. Pick up for
 loadsa points.
 And that's it! At the time of writing, there are 40 levels, there may be more
 if I can be bothered to design any !
 (Update: Total is now 50 levels, and there's now AN END SEQUENCE !!!!!!!!!
 (Of sorts...))

                          _____oO  GAME TIPS  Oo_____
 Keep shooting ! Most weirdo's only take one hit before they blow up, but some
 take quite a few, and some can't be killed at all ! (Moving platforms for
     The movement patterns of the aliens are all pretty simple to suss out. So
 try and position yourself somewhere where you can't get hit !  (Especially
 homers, you can use the old Jetpac trick of letting them all gather
 underneath the platforms, then swooping down and blastin' 'em !
     Some aliens  ain't  worth shootin'. Some of the slow, hard to kill homers
 are best just avoided.

 Greetings  ST freaks, PjW here, with some more useless info. This wonderfull
 piece of software was brought to you in 100% pure and beautiful 68000
 machine code, and is the very first game ever written by yours truly.
     This game actually came about after reading an artical in a Speccy mag
 which listed the top 50 odd speccy games. It got me feeling all nostalgic, so
 I dug out my old speccy, and loaded up some stuff. After a while, I got round
 to Jetpac. After playing it for a while, I figured I could probably do a
 fairly decent ST conversion. So here it is....
 I decided not to actually change anything too drastically, the gameplay being
 the most important thing, In fact, the only differences are: You don't wrap
 around the screen, You can pick up extra lives and shields and there are more
 different types of alien attack patterns. (And loads and loads more types of
 aliens !) Also, it looks better. (Not hard to do...)
     Dunno what I'm gonna do next. Depends on the response I get from this I

                           _____oO  WANTED:  Oo_____
 I desperately, desperately want to get hold old any copies of ST News. (Disk
 Mag).  Anyone out there willing to lend me any, I promise to return them by
 Return post.
 Artists !!   As you can see I'm not the greatest artist ever to hold a
 mouse.  If you'd be interested in doing some for me some time in the future,
 then write me !!!!
              In fact contacts in general are definitely welcome.

                         _____oO  Thanx to:  Oo_____
       Stu, for the loan (For about 6 months !) of his external floppy.
           AXE of Delight, once again for the use of his pack-routs
        Mad Max of TEX, for writing all that brilliant music (THE BEST)
                 Ultimate, now RARE. For writing the original.
             Dougal, for lending me his speccy, when mine blew up!
     Chris Lloyd of STF for telling me about the problem with Mega 4's !

                         _____oO  Greets to:  Oo_____
 All the above, and also Colmo, Sim, Ben, and Ben Mk II if they happen to read
 The Lost Boys, for writing brilliant Demos. (Zonk!), Also special Hi to Sammy
 Joe  of the afore mentioned dudes for producing Maggie.
 TCB (Your new demo, if it ever happens, better be bloody good. !!)
 Slaytanic Cult. (Outstanding music on #7)
 YAK !, Keep writing games man ! Llamatron broke my Comp.Pro !!

 And finally Hi to YOU, for playing this ! If you like it, then write and
 tell me about it !

                       _____oO  EQUIPMENT USED:  Oo_____

                       Atari 520STfm (Upgraded to 1meg)
                              External 1meg drive
                        Phillips cm8833 colour monitor
                               Star LC24 printer

                              Devpac 2.09, HiSoft
                        GFA Basic (For tables & stuff)
                         Degas Elite, Electronic Arts
                       Art Studio, Rainbird (Originally)
                   Mountains, (Public domain: Matt McIrvin)
                   ICE packer, (Possibly PD: AXE of Delight)
            PRO Sound designer. (So blame that for the crap f/x !!)

                                Pete J. Whitby

  Oh, before I forget. Here's BUDGIE's address:

         BUDGIE UK Licenceware
         5 Minster Close
         SS6 8SF


Trivia - Jetpac

Based on Ultimate Play the Game 1983 home computer release for ZX Spectrum. Unofficial version.

Jetpac Trivia
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