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Screenshots - IRC Simulator

IRC Simulator atari screenshot
IRC Simulator atari screenshot
IRC Simulator atari screenshot
IRC Simulator atari screenshot

Information - IRC Simulator

GenreSimulation - MiscellaneousYear
LanguageSTOS BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ResolutionLowLicensed from

Heun, Oliver [Paranoid]

Graphic Artist(s)


Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
DumpMISSINGNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - IRC Simulator

                                    from the
                            L U N A T I C   A S Y L U M
                                  P A R A N O I A
                            (Think you can handle it ?!)
                              I R C - S i m u l a t o r

1.1.) Greetings
Hello everyone.
Wow ! It's been quite some time between the last Paranoia release and this
puny little release, don't you think ? We thought so, and therefore we did
this little program to entertain you: The IRC Simulator.

Yes, as you may have read in UCM or Maggie, the IRC channel #atariscne is
quite famous. Lots of Atarians from all over the world gather there to
exchange information, knowledge and news.
And what about the offline little Atarians who can't afford to be online
all the time to take part in that excellent source of news, rumours and
gossip ? 
That's right, they can now have all the fun, excitement and action that
IRC channel #atariscne usually brings at home, offline and free of charge.

1.2.) Okay, cool. What do i need to do ?
Basically, this IRC-Simulator does two jobs at once:
-> It simulates the usual business on #atariscne using a highly advanced
   AI engine and a compressed and comprehensive database about the usual
   behaviour of the famous #atariscneres that are usually online.
   IRC Simulator does what they do, says what they say and respond like
   they respond. Isn't it great ?
-> It emulates a simple IRC terminal. Extended commands like /join,
   /signoff, /msg or even /dcc commands are not supported, but unecessary
   anyway. You may type /help for some online-help or /paranoia for some
   extended help. You won't get OP-status and you have no access to the
   bots, but since this channel can't be taken over anyway, it's not
   really that bad. /exit leaves the IRC-Simulator.
Yes, and all that in just this small package.

1.3. Wowie! Now i can chat offline with all the cool guys. What do i need ?
Only a little Atari ST and a Midres-compatible monitor or TV set. Yes, i
know this sucks but i needed some colours for the intro and therefore it
won't run in hires.
A Mega ST, Mega STE or even a Falcon will also do fine. You may install it
on your harddisk, a diskdrive or even on your Microwave oven if you like,
but i really don't think it will do much on that ...

1.4. Cool ! I got an Atari ST so i can run it. Anything else needed for that ?
Nope. Only the keyboard.

1.5. Okay, here i go. Just by the way, can it be that those stupid little 
headlines go longer and longer, look there, it now even fills more than one
line and it just doesn't stop, it goes on and on and on. How much sense does
a 4 lines long headline make to you ? But on the other hand, how much sense
is a headline supposed to make anyway ? And never forget, this is a Paranoia
production so just accept the fact that headlines may even cause more 
questions than they can answer. If you don't believe me, count the numbers
of question marks in this headline.

2.1. Internals
Lousy idea by The Paranoid, somewhen after Midnight on a rainy thursday.
Lousy music by Luebke, who wanted to prevent me from including it, because
it was one of his first experiments with the Sentry Chipcomposer and he
thinks it has some disharmonics in it.
Lousy code by The Paranoid in lousy STOS because i couldn't find all the
Escape-sequences for CONOUT-function. If i had been more skilled with that
i might have written it in Assembler.
Lousy greetings follow.

2.2. Greetings
ACF Design team - Adrenaline - Animal Mine - Aura - Avena - Checkpoint -
Cobra - Cream - Dead Hackers Society - D-Bug - EKO - Elite - Escape - EXA -
Fatal Design - Foundation Two - FUN - ICE - Idemline - Impulse - Inter - 
Maggie Team - MJJ Prod - Mystic Bytes - NoCrew - Poets of Decay - RDT - 
Reservoir Gods - Sector One - Senior Dads - Sentry - STAX - ST Knights - 
Syntax - .tSCc. - TNH - Trio - Typhoon - Vectronix - Wildfire - Yes Crew -

2.3. Once again, out of here
Okay, i quit this nonsense here ... to get into other nonsense. :-)
Prepare for some Paranoia entries in the DHS non-musician and X-Mas
Demo competition and other weird stuff on the ParaCon II.

The Paranoid signing off.

				Stay tuned ...
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