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Screenshots - Gmines

Gmines atari screenshot
Gmines atari screenshot

Information - Gmines

GenreBrain - MinesweeperYear1992
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
ResolutionHighLicensed from-

Setzepfandt, Bernd

Graphic Artist(s)

Setzepfandt, Bernd

Game design

Setzepfandt, Bernd

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Gmines Download / STNumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - Gmines

                    GMINES Version 1.0
                (C) 1992 Bernd Setzepfandt

GMINES is a port of the game XMINES, which  is  well  known
under X-Window Systems, for Atari ST(E) Computers. The goal
of the game is to open all fields not covering a mine.
If a field is opened, which hides a mine, the  whole  board
explodes and the game is lost. If there is  no  mine  under 
the opened field, then it  is  shown  how  many  mines  are
hidden under the eight neighbouring fields. No number means
that there is no mine in the neighbourhood.
With this information you have to find out the positions of
the mines. It  is  not  impossible  that  you  get  into  a
situation, where you only can guess which  field  could  be
opened next.
If you are shure, that a Field covers a  mine,  this  Field
can be marked with a flag. Such a field can not  be  opened
until the mark is removed.
If, after opening a field, the displayed number is equal to
the number of  marked  fields  in  the  neighbourhood,  all
unmarked fields in the neighbourhood will be opened.
On the left at the top of the GMINES window it is shown how
many mines are not marked yet. Of  course  this  number  is
only right, if all marks yet set are correct. On the  right
hand side the current playing time is displayed.
A field is opened by left-clicking  it.  If  the  field  is
already opened, then, if the displayed number is  equal  to
the number of marked neighbours, the neighbourhood  of  the
field is opened. If this is not  the  case,  it  is  shown,
which closed, unmarked fields belong to the neighbourhood.
A  closed  field  is   marked  by   right-clicking  it.  An
additional right click unmarks the field again.
At the begining, the program askes for the  player's  name.
If you press 'p' , you are able to change this  name  at  a
later time.
If all fields are opened, or if the board is exploded,  the
highscore-list is displayed. You can also  display  it,  by 
pressing 'h'. To continue the game, you have to  close  the 
highscore-list window.
The highscorelist is generated, if the game is won for  the 
first time.

The program GMINES is public domain. You don't have to  pay
any charge and no support is guaranted. However,  it  would
be nice if that one who liked the game,  would  send  me  a
letter, a picture-postcard, a photo  of  a  typical  GMINES 
player or some other souvenier. I just like to see  if  the
game is accepted or not. Of course some constructive critic
and bug reports are welcome.

                 Bernd Setzepfandt
                 Schulte Herrmannstraže 1
                 DW-4400 Mnster
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