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Screenshots - Frix

Frix atari screenshot
Frix atari screenshot
Frix atari screenshot

Information - Frix

GenreBrain - Logical / PuzzleYear1997
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
ResolutionLow / Medium / High / VGALicensed from

Hafner, Carl J.

Graphic Artist(s)


Game design

Hafner, Carl J.

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe, TT, Falcon030 / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Frix Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - Frix

                                 Flipping Bricks
                                  Version 1.03

                                (c) Carl J. Hafner

    FEATURES described within this text file may not apply to the version of
    the program you are using. Please check the copyright information within
    the program ITSELF before assuming a feature doesn't work. This file may
    or may not be for a different version of the program.

    The author cannot be responsible for any damage to your equipment, other
    software or hardware products or physical or mental well being caused by
    the use, misuse, abuse or inability to use this program. The author ALSO
    makes  NO GUARANTEE  as to the compatibility of this software with other
    software OR hardware products and hereby disclaims any implied warranty
    with respect to fitness for any particular purpose.

    By using this program you are stating that you completely understand AND
    agree with these terms AND agree to accept  FULL  responsibility for ANY
    and ALL events arising from it's implementation.If you do NOT understand
    AND agree with these terms, do NOT use this program !

    The other day I came across a few yellowing cut-out pages from a game I
    used to play when I was knee high to a grasshopper (I was really looking
    for some toy missiles that go with one of my Lionel train cars, which is
    another story...). Basically we would cut out 9 pieces of paper and draw
    one  picture  on one side of the paper and another picture on the  other
    side (ex:  a car on one side and a face on the other). The object was to
    have the face in the middle surrounded by cars. Sound simple ? Well, the
    rules of the game require that certain other pages be flipped (depending
    on which page you flipped) in addition to the page you choose.

    I have NO idea who invented this game ( probably Confucius ) and haven't
    seen it since. I have,however, tried my best to remember the "rules" and
    present them within a computer program. Have fun !

    Frix can be run as a program or an accessory, depending on where you put
    it and how you name it.

    Click on the box in the upper left hand corner of the window to exit (or
    press [control]-[w] ).

    Grab the "titlebar" to move the window about the screen. I like keeping
    it top left so I can still see the panel when alerts appear.

    Click on the name RESET in the infobar to call up an options alert.

    ALERT 1
    The  "options"  alert asks if you would like to play the first game, a
    random game or to return (cancel) with no changes.

    The FIRST game sets (or resets) to a predefined layout.  This allows you
    to play the "same" game over and over to try and increase your "score".

    The RANDOM game sets (or resets) the boxes in a random pattern.

    ALERT 2
    The next ALERT asks how many panels you'd like flipped. If you select 3,
    3 panels (bricks) will be flipped (total) for every 1 you select.

    If you select  "multi" , multiple panels will be flipped for every 1 you

    The panel reads left to right, top to bottom...

    | 1 2 3 |
    | 4 5 6 |
    | 7 8 9 |

       3 PANEL OPTION                    MULTI PANEL OPTION
       --------------                    ------------------
    SELECTED      FLIPPED              SELECTED      FLIPPED
    --------      -------              --------      -------
       1           1,2,4                  1          1,2,4,5
       2           1,2,3                  2          1,2,3
       3           2,3,6                  3          2,3,5,6
       4           1,4,7                  4          1,4,7
       5           4,5,6                  5          2,4,5,6,8
       6           3,6,9                  6          3,6,9
       7           4,7,8                  7          4,5,7,8
       8           7,8,9                  8          7,8,9
       9           6,8,9                  9          5,6,8,9

    ALERT 3
    When you win, an alert will appear to congratulate you ! It will contain
    the total number of moves it took to complete the puzzle.  Once you exit
    this alert the SCORE WILL BE RESET TO ZERO.

    Although the score counter will continue after this alert, you can _NOT_
    actually start playing again until you select an "option" from the first
    alert. An option also resets your score.

    This was done in case you just wanted to play with the box.

    Within each "brick" is either a "bell shape" or a "checkmark". The object
    of the game is to end up with a bell in the center and a checkmark in
    every other box.

    c c c           c=checkmark
    c b c           b=bell
    c c c         <-final solution

    When you "click" on one of these shapes the panel will shift shapes as
    specified above.

    If this all sounds confusing, don't worry. Merely play the game and watch
    what happens when you select a shape.

    In the event you have altered your system fonts and either one, or both,
    of the shapes are neither a checkmark or a bell, the default (first)
    panel is set up as...

    b c b
    c b b
    b c c

    The character in the first brick is the one which must end up in the
    center (surrounded by the other characters).

    HINT: Try 4-5-6-5-8-7 under the "default" game !
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