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Screenshots - Dysprosm

Dysprosm atari screenshot
Dysprosm atari screenshot
Dysprosm atari screenshot
Dysprosm atari screenshot

Information - Dysprosm

GenreShoot'em Up! - Horizontal ScrollingYear1993
LanguageSTOS BASICPublisher[no publisher]
Players1DeveloperTeam Brindlebeast
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Young, Craig / Stringer, Scott

CountryNew Zealand
Graphic Artist(s)

Young, Craig

Game design

Stringer, Scott

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Stringer, Scott

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Dysprosm Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - Dysprosm

     This documentation file accompanies the program DYsPROSM.PRG
by Team Brindlebeast.

     DYsPROSM is the name of a far away planet.   God knows where, 
and who bloody cares anyway !   We here at Team Brindlebeast don't 
believe  in  all  that claptrap about writing  a  whole  story  to 
justify a little interstellar bloodshed.   You'll get the  message 
if you sit through the intro anyway.

     Scott  had been kicking this little STOS program around for a 
couple  of months when Team Brindlebeast were invited to  enter  a 
programming  competition.  So  we've had to throw it  together  in 
rather a hurry which is why the intro is sooooo slooooowwwww.  Had 
we  a little more time we'd have created something  much  flashier 
for  you.   Same goes for the high score  table.   It's,  well..., 
functional, if nothing else !

     The   game  is  written  in  STOS  Basic,   an  rather   good 
implimentation  of basic if we do say  so  ourselves.   Extensions 
used  include  STARS by Lee Upcraft,   and MISTY by Billy Allan  & 
Colin Watt.  Sounds were gleaned from the Budgie UK collection and 
modified to become another extension by Scott  ( though he  didn't 
write  a compiler extension for it,  so time came to  compile  the 
game  we  had to rewrite the sound effects to play from  a  memory 
location rather than from a command ).

     Craig supplied the compiler, and enough instructions over the 
phone to get a novice to be able to use it.  Also he wrote a quite 
good  intro sequence which we didn't end up  using,  sorry  Craig, 
thanks anyway !  

     The  game as it stands consists of 100 waves of  aliens.   As 
you progress through the game the aliens fire more often, and also 
come at you faster.   There are no bonuses,  no power-ups,  and no 
little  groups  of pixels to rescue either.   This is  a  straight 
kill-em-any-way-you-can  sort  of game operated  entirely  by  the 
joystick and the fire button.

     The  game  speed  is  controlled  by  the  position  of  your 
spacecraft.   The further right you go the faster everything gets, 
and  the more points you get for each kill.   If you stick to  the 
left hand side of the screen you'll play at the slowest speed, and 
earn the lowest points,  but you may also get caught out by aliens 
which enter the playing arena from behind you.

     Lives are indicated by the tiny pictures of your craft in the 
top  right hand corner of the screen.   You get three,  and  thats 
your lot so use em carefully.

     The  flames at the back of your little spaceship can also  be 
used to terminate errant aliens, though this is a lot riskier than 
a solidly placed missile.

     The  high  score table is held in the file   HISCORE.BST  so 
make  sure that this file is on the same disk as the game  program 
and  that the disk is not write protected   ( ie cover the  little 
hole in the disk  ).

     Make a copy of the original disk !!!

          1.   Format  a  standard  720K  disk  using  your  usual 
               formatting process.

          2.   Copy   HISCORE.BST  and  DYSPROSM.PRG  to this  new 

          3.   Make sure the disk is write enabled.

          4.   Store the original away in a safe place.

     If you distribute this disk to your friends, then please keep 
this documentation with the other two files,  its the only  credit 
we get.  Also  if you'd like to write to the Team, then feel free, 
we  rather  like  getting mail  from  ST  users,  especially  ones 
interested in programming in STOS.   

     The code for this game can be made available.  Its remarkably 
short,  and relatively easy to understand.   If you provide a self 
addressed envelope,  a stamp and a couple of dollars or more  then 
Scott will even fully document the STOS basic code for you.

     Another  item  of interest to STOS programmers  is  the  book 
Scott is currently writing,  concerning all things STOS.  Its full 
of  those interesting things that the STOS manual left  out,  STOS 
tips, chapters on how your computer operates, and lots, lots more.  
A disk full of stuff will accompany the book too !   Register your 
interest  now and the Team will let you know when its finished  so 
you can order a copy.

     The address to write to is...,

          Team  Brindlebeast

          C/o  8 Virgil Place
               New Zealand.

     Or contact us through LeeSoftware.  Thanks for your support.

     Team Brindlebeast  28/2/1993.

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