Down Fall

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Screenshots - Down Fall

Down Fall atari screenshot
Down Fall atari screenshot
Down Fall atari screenshot
Down Fall atari screenshot

Information - Down Fall

GenreArcade - MiscellaneousYear1993
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherST Format
ControlsJoystickDistributorFuture Publishing
Players1 vs. 2Developer[n/a]
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Sage, Andrew

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Sage, Andrew

Game design

Sage, Andrew

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Sage, Andrew

Cover Artist(s)[n/a]ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Down Fall Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - Down Fall

                         D~O~W~N   F~A~L~L (¿)                                 
HOW TO PLAY    (The quick guide)                                               
     The idea of the game is to make the snow pile up to the top of  the       
other players side of the screen.                                              
     Player  one  uses joystick one to control their  cursor.  They  are       
allocated  the left hand side of the screen.  Player two uses the  other       
joystick and the other side of the screen.                                     
     To  select an icon,  just move the cursor underneath it  and  press       
FIRE.  The bar shows the currently selected mode. Only highlighted icons       
can be selected.                                                               
     When  snow  falls into the hole at the bottom of your side  of  the       
screen, the bottom of the other players side moves up by a small amount.       
This obviously helps you to win the game...                                    
     When  snow  fills up either of the two chutes at the side  of  your       
playing area,  two more icons will become available.  These create extra       
effects (explained later). Selecting an icon will decrease the number of       
highlighted icons by the power of that effect.                                 
     The two icons that are permanently highlighted are build and remove       
barriers.  When  these are selected,  pressing FIRE with the  cursor  in       
either  of the playing areas causes barriers to be placed or  destroyed.       
This  uses up energy (which is displayed as a bar in the middle  of  the       
screen).  Building/Creating  on your opponents side takes  more  energy.       
Energy is slowly replaced for both players all of the time.                    
Now the special effects icons                                                  
          (From least to most powerful) =>                                     
     1)  Control Reversal  -  Reverses the other players controls              
                              for a length of time                             
     2)  Snow Fall         -  Makes all of the snow fall on the                
                              other players side                               
     3)  Extra Energy      -  Makes your energy bar replace                    
                              faster. Has a cumulative effect.                 
     4)  Black Holes       -  Transports snow to an identical                  
                              position on the other players side               
     5)  Snow Melt         -  Makes all falling snow melt blocked              
                              snow that is around it                           
     6)  Stop Bar          -  Stops the bar at the bottom of your              
                              side from moving up when the other               
                              player fills his bottom chute.                   
     You  can now play the game if you want to get into it  quickly.  If       
you want some more explanation, there now follows a set of more detailed       
How To Play   (Mk II)                                                          
     What about the snow?   OK, this falls at equal rates on either side       
of the screen.  Each players cursor can be moved anywhere on the screen,       
but  only icons from your own side can be used.  The cursors  cannot  be       
moved beneath the lower line on either side.                                   
Right, I had better explain the icons in depth now   =>                        
     Each player has an identical set above his side.  They go from  the       
outside of the screen inwards.  NB at the beginning of the game, all but       
2 of the icons are shaded.  This means that you CANNOT select them (hang       
on, I'll get to that in a minute)                                              
     For now, the first two icons....  The one on the extreme outer edge       
of  the  screen  is the one that is selected at  the  start.  This  icon       
depicts  a pixel with four arrows pointing away from it.  You  use  this       
icon  to erase barriers from your side of the screen and your  opponents       
side. Just move the cursor over the barrier to be erased and press fire.       
You will notice that as you do this,  a bar in the middle of the  screen       
goes  down  momentarily.  These  are the energy bars  of  you  and  your       
opponent and fill up slowly over time. When you erase or place barriers,       
your bar diminishes.  You obviously cannot erase or create when the  bar       
is empty.  To place barriers,  you must select the next icon in the row.       
This depicts a pixel with four arrows pointing inwards.  Again,  move to       
the place you want to put down the barrier and press fire.  To create  a       
line  you  can hold down fire and move at the  same  time.  The  maximum       
height for both of these operations is about 15 pixels below the top  of       
either of the playing areas.  Both of these icons can be selected at any       
     You  should also notice a gap at the bottom of  your  screen.  When       
snow  falls  in this gap,  two bars underneath your  playing  area  move       
towards  each other.  When these meet in the centre,  the bottom of  the       
other players side moves up one pixel.  Therefore, it is advantageous to       
funnel snow into this gap as it increases your chances of winning   (you       
do want to win don't you?)                                                     
     On  either side of each playing area there are also two  bars  that       
start empty.  You must funnel snow into these bars (by building barriers       
at a roughly 45 degree angle) so that they fill up with snow.  When  the       
snow reaches the top,  you will see that two of the icons at the top  of       
the screen change to being unshaded. This means that you can select them       
to create special effects on your opponents side.                              
     Now to explain the other icons. These all increase in power as they       
go  towards  the centre of the screen,  so you must save up to  get  the       
higher effects.  If we take the left hand player as an  example,  taking       
the  effects from left to right  (IE from least to most  powerful),  the       
various options are:                                                           
1)   Shows four arrows pointing inwards.  This icon reverses  the  other       
players controls for a period of time.  Can be very annoying but does no       
lasting damage.                                                                
2)   Shows a snow storm.   This makes all of the snow fall on the  other       
players side for a length of time. Therefore, your side does not fill up       
and  your opponent gets blocked up more quickly.  NB  This icon must  be       
used with care  (see later tactical suggestions section)                       
3)   Shows an energy bar with an upward pointing arrow.  This icon has a       
permanent  effect for the rest of the game.  It makes the rate at  which       
your  energy  is  replaced  increase.  Therefore it  will  gain  you  an       
advantage  over  your  opponent because you will be able  to  build  and       
destroy more barriers.  The effect of this icon is cumulative, so if you       
select  it again,  your energy will go up even faster.                         
4)     Shows  snow falling into a 'Black Hole'  This icon  can  be  very       
useful if used with care  (again see tactics section)  It allows you  to       
create 10 pixels of special blocks on any side of the display.  To place       
the blocks,  simply select the icon and it will become highlighted. Then       
move  the  cursor to where you want the blocks to be  placed  and  press       
fire.  They  do not all need to be placed together.  When all have  been       
placed,  the  icon will become de-selected and you will revert  to  your       
last mode of action. You can also select another icon when you have  not       
placed all of the blocks,  but you will LOSE all of the remaining blocks       
to  be  placed.  When  any  snow hits  one  of  these  blocks,  it  gets       
transported to the corresponding place on the other side of the screen.        
     Note that there are certain restrictions on where you can place the       
black holes.  They must be below the level of the lowest side chutes  on       
either  side.  They  can also not be placed if they are lower  than  the       
bottom of the other players side.  Also, if any of the sides moves above       
the  level of the black holes,  they will automatically disappear. If it       
would  be impossible to place any black holes for any reason  (IE either       
side has moved up too far) then you will not be able to select the icon.       
5)    Shows  large red droplets falling instead of  snow.   This  useful       
effect makes all the snow falling on your side become 'hot' and melt any       
snow  that  it touches.  Thus,  large blockages of snow can  be  quickly       
cleared.  After a certain amount of snow has been melted,  the icon will       
become de-selected and the snow will revert to normal. While this effect       
is taking place, it is also possible to carry on with other functions as       
6)    Shows one players side with an arrow pointing downwards. This icon       
stops  the bottom of your bin moving upwards when the other player fills       
his bottom chute with snow. For eight consecutive fill ups, nothing will       
happen  and the other players snow will be wasted.  After this time  the       
icon  will  automatically  revert to normal.  Again,  you  can  continue       
building  etc.  while this icon is selected.                                   
     When  an icon is selected, you will lose as many available icons as       
the  relevant  number in the above list.  For instance  if 4  icons  are       
highlighted and  a control reversal is selected,  only the highest  icon       
will become unavailable. Note that the control reversal will also become       
shaded  to remind you that it cannot be selected until that effect  runs       
Notes On Tactics   (To be read by BOTH players!)                               
     When selecting special icon 2  (all snow falls on opponents  side),       
make sure that you are ready to erase,  not build.  This is because this       
effect can benefit the other player by making more snow fall in his side       
chutes.  If  you dig away any funnels that he has built,  this will  not       
happen.  (obviously they will be trying to build platforms here  at  the       
same time to gain the advantage)  You must also note that any snow  that       
falls  off  the bottom of that players side will not count  towards  his       
total. (the bars under their side will not move up)  Therefore, it would       
be  advantageous  for  them to build a bridge  stopping  the  snow  from       
falling  through,  and then releasing it after the effect has  finished.       
Again,  you  must be ready to dig any barriers away so they benefit  the       
least from the extra snow.                                                     
     When  selecting special icon 4  (black holes)  think where you  are       
going  to put the pixels down.  It is usually best to put them  on  your       
opponents side in the middle of their playing area,  so any snow falling       
into the black hole actually benefits you.  But, they can also be placed       
on your side if the snow is building up too fast.  Also,  think how long       
they  will  last in the position that you place them.  Do not  put  them       
directly  above the other players bottom line as they will be  destroyed       
when the line moves up. It is best to put them a short distance above so       
that  they will last for longer,  but also catch more of the  snow.   To       
deal  with black holes on your side,  it is possible to  place  barriers       
above them to stop the snow falling into them.  Remember that the  other       
player will try to move across and erase the barriers. The best thing to       
do is try to direct the snow around the black holes.  (of course if  you       
place  the black holes,  you will try to direct the other  players  snow       
INTO them, to stop it from moving your bottom line up)                         
     When  one  players side is filled right to the  top,  you  will  be       
informed of who has won  (player one is using joystick one etc.)               
     You  have  to win enough consecutive sets to gain a two  game  lead       
over your opponent. When this happens, the scores are reset and play can       
be restarted.                                                                  
     If you do not want to play again,  press SPACE when the scores  are       
being displayed.                                                               
     DON'T  PANIC !!     The game is actually far easier than you  might       
think  when you get playing.  Just remember,  direct the snow into  your       
two side chutes,  direct it into the hole at the bottom of your bin  and       
also stop the other player doing exactly this!                                 
            ************      ************       ************                  
           *            *    *            *     *            *                 
           * SHAREWARE! *    * SHAREWARE! *     * SHAREWARE! *                 
           *            *    *            *     *            *                 
            ************      ************       ************                  
     Oh no!   Not another shareware game !     WAIT !!!   If you decide        
that you like playing this game please support this concept and send  a        
small donation (anything from œ2.00 upwards would be very  appreciated)        
to the address below.                                                          
     If you would like a copy of the source code for GENST  II,  please        
send œ5.00 and your address and I will post you a disk containing it.          
Andrew Sage,                                                                   
EX14 0UF.                                                                      
                              - The  End -                                     
½ 1992    |\        <                                                          
          |ÿ\ ndrew  >age                                                      
                                  \ | /                                        
                                  -   -                                        
                                  / | \                                        
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