DDST - The Adventure Game

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Screenshots - DDST - The Adventure Game

DDST - The Adventure Game atari screenshot
DDST - The Adventure Game atari screenshot
DDST - The Adventure Game atari screenshot
DDST - The Adventure Game atari screenshot
DDST - The Adventure Game atari screenshot
DDST - The Adventure Game atari screenshot
DDST - The Adventure Game atari screenshot
DDST - The Adventure Game atari screenshot
DDST - The Adventure Game atari screenshot

Information - DDST - The Adventure Game

GenreAdventure - RPG (2-D)Year
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
ResolutionMedium / HighLicensed from-

Miller, William

Graphic Artist(s)

Miller, B.

Game design

Miller, William

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari DDST - The Adventure Game Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - DDST - The Adventure Game

  DDST Game Instructions

 Your Character

     When  you  fist  started the game,  a  list  of  Character  Attributes 
appeared on the screen.  Hopefully you paid attention and tried to create a 
character with the highest attributes possible.  This will really help your 
chances  in the game.  The attributes are simular to other  Adventure  type 
games that you may have played on your ST.       

Character Menu

     1) Main Menu:            Takes you to the Main Menu               
     2) Your Profile:         Shows you your Character Profile.
     3) Game Instructions:    The file you are presently looking at.
     4) Whats Going On?:      Another small file to give you some info.
     5) Create New Character: Just as it says...

     The  Character  Menu is really self explanatory.   You can  view  your 
Character  profile.  This  will  show you which  items  you  are  presently 
carrying,  and also your gold and any ancient artifacts  that you may  have 
found.  Any weapons or armour that you are wearing will be shown too. 
     The instructions are what you are presently reading,  and if you would 
like some background info on the Game, read "What's Going On?" for a little 
background info to start you off on the game. 
     If  you don't like your character,  you can create a new one  in  this 
menu.  Just  select the Create new character and you will be able to  start 

 Main Menu

     The main menu is accessible anywhere in the game,  as you will have to 
come  back  to save your game position while you play.   The  commands  are 
listed below and really need no explanation.   

     1) Character Menu:       Gets you to the Character Menu.
     2) Hall of Champions:    Player list, see how others are doing.
     3) Lord's Keep           A list of the Winners from this game.
     4) SAVE:                 Saves your Character Position.
     5) RESTORE:              Restores your Character if you screw up.
     6) QUIT:                 Quits the game.
     7) Inverse video:        Inverts screen.  We recommend a Black 

     Hitting Return with no entry will take you into the Adventure.


     When  you first enter the Adventure,  you will be shown a map  of  the 
Land  of  Eridor.   The legend for the map is on the lower  right  of  your 
screen.   The upper Right Hand corner will show your time remaining for the 
day.   Since  DDST is a Doors game,  and sysops don't want you to play  the 
game all night,  you are limited to 20 minutes a day.   If you don't use up 
all of your time during your turn, you may reenter the game to continue.

     Under the Map on the Left side is shown a small menu.   The arrow keys 
will  move  you around the screen and you can return to the  Main  menu  by 
hitting M. If you have any healing potions, you may take them by hitting P.
The  I key will send you to the Items Menu, where you may inspect the items 
that you are carrying or change your armour or weapons.

Town Menu

     The menu in the all of the towns shows the following:

     1) Visit Inn:       Takes you to the Inn Menu
     2) Blacksmith:      Takes you to the Blacksmith Menu
     3) Marketplace:     Here is where you can buy or sell Items
     4) Bank:            Lets you save your money.
     5) Profile:         Same as your profile in the Character Menu
     6) Oracle:          Visit the Oracle and get the Scrolls         
     7) Read Scrolls:    Lets you read the Scrolls you obtain
     8) Main Menu:       Takes you to the Main Menu

The Inn Menu 

     Eat, Drink, and Rent a Room:  Restore your hit points
     Inquire a job:                Get money for Weapons and Armour

Blacksmith Menu

     You can buy your armour and weapons here. You can also unload your old 
armour on him, but don't expect much for it. Use the Market instead. 


     You may buy and sell items in the Marketplace.   Just select what  you 
would  like  to do.   You will be finding items all over  the  place  after 
encounters with monsters, so you can sell them here. You can also buy a few 
items that you may think that you may require in the game.

Fighting the Monsters

     Eriadoris  under seige and there are many monsters running  amok  over 
the  land.   You will most likely encounter these creatures as  you  travel 
over the countryside.   When this happens,  the small menu at the bottom of 
the map will change to the fight routine status menu.
     This  menu will allow you to either use your weapon,  (you did  buy  a 
weapon now didn't you?)  or run away,  as you might be killed.   This  menu 
will  also show you the monster type that you are fighting,  the number  of 
monsters,  the hit points of the current monster you are fighting,  and the 
hit  points  that you presently have left.   These will be updated  as  the 
fight  continues.   After you choose what you want to do,  you will  see  a 
report  line appear,  telling you what happened during the  current  round.  
You  may continue by pressing any key and then hitting 1 or 2  to  continue 
the fight.
     Watch out,  as the monsters will not wait for long for you to make  up 
your mind to fight them.
     If  you  are successful,  you will be shown the amount  of  experience 
points and gold that you get from battling the monster.
     If  you were not successful,  better luck next time,  as you  will  be 
allowed  to  either Restart or Restore (Did you save  your  position?)  the 


     There  are several dungeons in the game.   If you come upon a  dungeon 
from the Map of the Land,  you will be asked if you wish to enter.   If so, 
you will then see a large hidden map ( we can't show you  everything).  The 
dungeon map will be uncovered as you travel through it.  Each dungeon level 
is different and you will find secret passages,  traps,  treasure and maybe 
even  an ancient artifact.   You will also find many monsters  too,  so  be 
prepared  for  the  worst.   You may also find  healing  potions  with  the 
treasures in the dungeon to keep you from dying.

Hints for Playing DDST

     Get  a character with a good dexterity.   This will help  your  armour 
class quite a bit.    Go out and fight the monsters!!  This is the only way 
that  you are going to end the game successfully.   Try to collect all  the 
scrolls as they will help you in the game.


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