Catch Me if You Can

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Screenshots - Catch Me if You Can

Catch Me if You Can atari screenshot
Catch Me if You Can atari screenshot
Catch Me if You Can atari screenshot

Information - Catch Me if You Can

GenreBrain - Logical / PuzzleYear2012
LanguageGFA BASICPublisherParadize
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Hettinger, Nicolas [Cooper]

Graphic Artist(s)

Hettinger, Nicolas [Cooper]

Game design

Hettinger, Nicolas [Cooper]

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Lindberg, Marcus [Marcer]

Sound FX

[various] / Hettinger, Nicolas [Cooper]

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe Enhanced, Falcon030 / 1MB
Dumpdownload atari Catch Me if You Can Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ? / HD Installable

Additional Comments - Catch Me if You Can

Game was previously available only by ordering the game from author. By ordering the game you were automatically entered to a competition. Prize was a fully working Falcon030 computer. Competition deadline was June 3rd 2012.

The game was later available for free.

Instructions - Catch Me if You Can

>>   CATCH ME IF YOU CAN !   >>
>>   Paradize - April 2012   >>
Hello !

Thanks for purchasing this game ! I hope you'll entirely be satisfied.
You contribute thanks to your action to motivate (at least) me to go
on coding new stuff for Atari ST/Falcon 030. 

This game is dedicated to my good old friend JB, who likes ST and 
playing chess ;)

Moreover, good luck for the Falcon 030 lottery !

Requirements : 

- Atari ST/STE/F030 (best played on STE or F030 for samples)
- Hard disk for extra musics.
- 1 Mb of ram
- Color monitor
- NVDI disabled.

Credits : 

- GFA Basic code ......... Cooper/Paradize
- Gfx .................... Cooper/Paradize
- Samples ................ found on the web/sampled by Cooper
- Soundchip music ........ Marcer/Paradize

Nb: if the "MUSICS" folder is missing, the game will use the included
soundchip tune. It allows you to test the game on a single floppy, or
on a single ST.

Rules : 

This game is inspired by the board game "Solitaire Chess" by Thinkfun.
You must delete all the pieces of the board,and only one must be left.
Each time you move a piece, you must eat an other one.

It's an excellent training for chess players, and a great brainteaser 
too !              

400 levels must be clear, ordered in 4 categories. 

Try to finish all the challenges in order if you can ! 

Actions : 

Menus :

In the main menu or the level selection menu, a right click let you
go back to the GEM.

Arrows on each sides of the level selection screens allow you to 
browse through each levels for each category.

You can choose the category by clicking the dedicated tab on the top.

While playing : 

"Exit" button : i let you guess...

The UNDO key or button onscreen allows you to go to the previous move.

The RESET button clears the challenge.

When a level is cleared, you automatically move onto the next level.

If a level has already been cleared, it will be written on the left of the

The arrows on the bottom of the screen allow you to go to the next or to
the previous level.

Nb :

The last played level is automatically saved. To resume a game, just 
select the "last played level" option in the main menu.

To finish, if you wanna see your progress, a bar is available in the
main menu or on the left of the level selection screen.

Contact : 

If a level seems impossible to you or if you find a bug, please get
in touch with me :

Greetings :

Every active Atarian (on ST/Lynx/Jaguar....) and to all ppl supporting
homebrew games !

Have fun !

Trivia - Catch Me if You Can

Supports DMA sound on STe

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