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Screenshots - Castle Capers

Castle Capers atari screenshot
Castle Capers atari screenshot
Castle Capers atari screenshot

Information - Castle Capers

GenreArcade - Platformer (Single Screen)Year1993
LanguageSTOS BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ResolutionLowLicensed from

Abraitis, Paul

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Abraitis, Paul

Game design

Abraitis, Paul

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Abraitis, Paul

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Abraitis, Paul

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Castle Capers Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Castle Capers


          By Paul Abraitis

        (C) 1993 P. Abraitis

      This program was produced
             using STOS.

NOTE - This program is the  restricted 
demo  version.   Only  the  first  ten 
screens   can  be  accessed  in   this 
program. To complete the game you must 
obtain   the   unrestricted    version 
directly  from  the  author   (details 

Running  the program :  
Joystick required.

Simply double click on CASTLE.PRG. The 
program   must  have  access  to   the 
CASTLE.DAT  file in the current  drive 
whilst loading and unpacking data.

Once loaded the program takes a  short 
while  to unpack data.  You  are  then 
presented  with the title  screen.  To 
access  brief instructions press  F1, 
to  view the highscore table press  F2 
or  press  F3  to  quit  the   program 
whilst on the title screen.

Playing the game -
Press  fire whilst on the title  screen 
to begin the game. You must then select 
the   required  game  speed  (fast   or 
normal) using the joystick as  directed 
on screen. 

Disclaimer -
Whilst   highly   unlikely   that   any 
problems should arise the author cannot 
be  held  legally responsible  for  any 
damage  resulting from the use of  this 

The Story :
Chuckle  ,   the  hero  ,   has   been 
imprisoned in nightmare castle by  the 
evil  giant.   Only  by  crossing  the 
castle and avoiding the baddies can he 
escape  to  freedom and  live  happily 
ever  after (or something along  those 
lines anyway !).

The Game (Instructions): 
(NOTE:  Brief  instructions  available 
from the title screen (Press F2)).

You  control chuckle in his quest  for 
freedom.  You begin each screen on the 
left from where you must run, jump and 
climb to leave the room. To accomplish 
this  you must simply pass beyond  the 
right hand boundary of the screen.  To 
complete  the game you must  pass  the 
giant  on the 50th screen  and  escape 
through the exit (not an easy task !).

Along  the way you will meet a  number 
of hazards as described below ...

THE  BADDIES - These include  spiders, 
sliders,  bouncers,  birds,  bees  and 
arrows.  Collision  with any of  these 
results in instant loss of life and an 
irritating scream.

WATER  - Chuckle swims like  a  brick. 
Need I say more.

WOODEN  SPIKES - Land on one of  these 
and  instant death by sharp  stick  up 
the bottom results.

POISON IVY - No matter how green  your 
fingers are avoid this stuff like  the 

on top of one of these and you're  OK, 
in  fact that's the only way to  cross 
many  screens.  Hit one from the  side 
and die a quick death.

Being  a bit of an  all-round  athlete 
chuckle can run,  jump and  climb.  In 
fact his life depends on it.  To cross 
gaps wider than the length of his jump 
he can use ropes,  webs (watch out for 
the  spiders!),   floating  logs   and 
moving  platforms.  Once on a rope  or 
web he can either jump off or walk off 
onto an adjacent platform as the  game 
dictates.  When using a log or  moving 
platform  make sure he lands  directly 
on  top.  Once  on  a  log  or  moving 
platform make sure he walks along with 
it and doesn't hit an adjacent wall  - 
otherwise he'll slip off see. 

On  his  travels  chuckle  will   pass 
hearts and bonus tokens.  Jumping into 
a heart gives an extra  life,  jumping 
into  a  bonus token  gives  him  1000 
extra points. 

On  the  final (50th)  screen  chuckle 
must  pass  the giant  and  leave  the 
castle via the exit. Will he succeed ? 
That's up to you.

              CONTROLS               :               
        *** JOYSTICK ONLY ***

LEFT / RIGHT - walk left / right. Jump 
left / right in conjunction with FIRE.

FIRE - Jump. 

UP / DOWN - Climb up / down when on  a 
rope  or web.  To leave a rope or  web 
simply  jump off or walk off  onto  an 
adjacent static platform.  

ANY  KEY ON KEYBOARD - Pause  ,  press 
again to restart.

The Complete Game :
This demo version  only allows  access 
to the first ten screens. The complete 
game  offers a real challenge with  50 
screens of increasing  difficulty.  An 
access code system is included ,  this 
allows  the player to skip many  rooms 
which have previously been completed. 

The complete, unrestricted version can 
only  be  obtained directly  from  the 
author. To obtain the game please send 
a  cheque/ PO.  for fives pounds  made 
payable  to  Mr  P.  Abraitis  to  the 
address below ...

            Mr P. Abraitis
           32 Bombay Road ,
            Marsh Green ,
               Wigan ,
            Lancs WN5 OEJ.
           United Kingdom.

On receipt of your order the  complete 
game  will be despatched to you  on  a 
quality disc and a printed instruction 
sheet will be enclosed. 

                BYE !
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