Breach II Federation Collection 6 - Cry of War

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Screenshots - Breach II Federation Collection 6 - Cry of War

Breach II Federation Collection 6 - Cry of War atari screenshot

Information - Breach II Federation Collection 6 - Cry of War

GenreStrategy - WargameYear1990
Language[unknown]PublisherModern Day Publishing Co. Inc.
Players1Developer[no developer]
ResolutionLowLicensed from-


Graphic Artist(s)


Game design

Ballantyne, Pam / Parrott, Chuck
Ballantyne, Rob / Nolan, Steve

Box / InstructionsEnglish


Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
MIDIVersion[Data Disk]
Dumpdownload atari Breach II Federation Collection 6 - Cry of War Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Breach II Federation Collection 6 - Cry of War


Storyline By: Steve Nolan
Edited By: Rob & Pam Ballantyne
Scenarios By: Chuck Parrott
Published By: Modern Day Publishing Co. Inc.
3223 Silver Pond Court
Charlotte, NC 28210

From the Author

     Cry of War happens to be one of my favorite story line/scenario combination written to date. In all, it took me only four weeks to compose. The creation of Cry of War was one of the most effortless campaign designs of the entire Federation Collection. When creating a campaign collection, one must not only adhere to an overall plot sequence, but create a building block of individual story lines that in the end, flow into one coherent plot. You will soon embark on some of the most wildest fire fights ever. I sincerely hope you enjoy Cry of War as much as I did designing it.


Steve Nolan


     The eerie silence of the city was occasionally interrupted by sporadic laser fire. It was obvious that the rebels were tightening the deadly grip of the city with each passing hour. The moons' tireless light shown through the shattered window, revealing the saloon's stirred dust cloud's as they lazily began to settle to the floor. In the far corner of the bar, Corporal Simms repeated her calls on the comlink. The Zollanti were obviously jamming all frequencies. Privates Nimmo and Mahairus were alertly checking out the street in front of the entrance. An occasional shadow could be seen further down the narrow debris ridden street.

     "No word from Steiner. They're still jamming the airwaves."

     "Keep trying Corporal. We got to inform them of our situation."

     "Aye sir."

     "Nimmo, how many AP and HE rockets do we have?"

     "We got four armor piercing and two high explosive." replied the Private without taking his eyes off the streets.

     "I have two nukes." offered Mahairus. The young Greek had been conscripted into the service on Vromus Prime. Forty years ago, he would have been an enemy. But since the demise of the United Democratic Planets and the acceptance of the Federated Worlds, he now served proudly with the Federation.

     "Hold on to them. We might just need them."

     Lance Corporal Fredrick Mrozak appeared on the stairway leading to the second floor. "Commander, we got movement down the back. My guess is they're gonna try for a rush from the back."

     You casually walk to the front door and peer down the street. No doubt they would try a feint from the front of the building, with the main attack coming from the Year. "You still have those prox charges?"

     The Corporal ran down the stairs and unloaded his rucksack on the dust covered bar. "Yes sir, four proximity charges."

     "Okay listen up, Mrozak you go out back and plant those proximity charges down the alleyway. Save your last charge and booby trap the rear entrance. If they get in somehow, we'll have a little surprise waiting for them. Simms you go with Mrozak and give him some cover fire if he needs it. There're snipers everywhere, so look sharp. Nimmo, go upstairs and see what you can see, let me know if you see movement. Mahairus, keep an eye on the front. See anything moving out there, identify, then shoot. Blaine and Kim are still outside somewhere, I don't want us shootin' our own people."

Chapter One

     Operations was dead silent. The red emergency lights lit up the room under its blood red glow. Each of the Squad Leaders were assembled around the now dead, holomap. Sergeants Steiner and Frantz were busy going over a map of the city. Steiner looked up at the ceiling and wiped his sweat stained brow. "Okay, let's go over it one more time."

     "The north sector of the city has been overrun. The CO is somewhere between the power plant and us. We can't reach them on any frequency so they're either dead or captured."

     "Or the Zollanti are jamming the planet from orbit." replied Krantz.

     "Right. We'll assume that that's the case. The rebels are about two blocks North and West of us. No doubt they'll be trying to make their way down Main Street and Elm. We have two scouts, Kim and Blaine about two blocks north of the garrison. Somewhere between us and the CO. Do we still have them online?"

     "They're close enough to maintain contact, but the frequencies are getting worse by the minute."

     "All right, contact Kim and have him try to find the others. Order Blaine to make his way back to the garrison. Well need him. Vim should be able to take care of himself. We'll need to know exactly where the CO is, if we're gonna get him out."

     "Right, Corporal Groves, get Blaine and Kim online and inform them of their orders." The Corporal nodded his head and proceeded down the hall. "I got a question for you Top." stated Krantz as he looked over the map. "Supposing we can locate the L-Tee, how do we get them out without getting ourselves cut off from the garrison? It's not like we can use the transporters, with all the power knocked out, our generators won't be able to supply enough juice to keep these lights on for another twenty-four hours."

     "They won't have to. We go in from. above."


     "You remember what the L-Tee said about the Starport raid, three of the shuttles were destroyed in the raid, but we should still have one more operational. We take a half squad out to the starport, hop on the one remaining bird and zip out to the dropzone, shit, well land on the roof if we got to."

     "Good, but how do we get to the starport. We're cut off from the west side of town?"

     "That's your job, find me a way over there. Try looking at the city blueprints, get me a sewer layout. We go underneath the freaky streets and make our way to the starport. We'll recharge the shuttle, take off and get our boys home."

     Frantz looked up from the maps and smiled. "I guess that's the least we owe him for getting us out of the shit."

     "That's right sergeant, so get cookin'. I don't want to do a day landing, I prefer a night drop," looking down at his watch, "we got four hours 'till dawn, and a lot of work to do."

Chapter Two

     "Here they come L-Tee!" shouted the young Greek as he aimed his laser rifle out the window. "Got visuals on five rebels approaching down the front street."

     "Mrozak and Simms, get your asses in gear, its almost show time! Remember, plant those prox charges were they'll do the most damage. Nimmo, what do you see?"

     "Yo, I can spot them from up here. Can't get a bead on them, too far away.

     "Get down here and help Mahairus, I'll go to the roof and check things out for myself." As Nimmo descended the stairway all hell broke loose. The chatter of heavy laser fire peppered the outside of the saloon. Diving off the steps he landed safely behind the bar as the laser fire tore into the stairway. Showers of splintered wood and glass raced across the bar in a mad wild frenzy of deadly shrapnel. Private Mahairus opened fire spraying the buildings across the street in a hail storm of plasma. You crawl your way to the stairway and make your way up to the second floor as Simms and Mrozak return from the rear entrance.

     "Mrozak and Nimmo, cover the rear entrance, Simms give Mahairus a hand in the front! I'm going top side to see what's goin' down..."

Play COW 01
(Use your own Squad Leader for this scenario)

Chapter Three

     Blaine grimaced in pain as he lay crouched behind a clump of thick shrubbery. He wanted so badly to stand up and stretch his tired legs. He looked back over his shoulder at Kim's position, about two blocks down the street. "Kim, can you hear me?" he whispered into his comlink.

     "Barely there's sort of jam breakin this chan-"

     Blaine inched his way closer to the ground as the unmistakable sound of a heavy tank's gyro engines kicked in. Reaching down to his utility pack he double-checked to make sure his exosuit was still functioning. About three blocks away three Zollanti tanks emerged from a darkened street. Their heavily armored turrets slowly traversed back and forth searching for a target.

     "We got company coming our way." Reported Blaine, "Stay where you are until I get back in touch with Top."

     The colored special forces marine rolled on his stomach and looked down the main street towards the garrison as a garbled message came through.

     "Blaine can... me? Steiner... you to... Vim and have... find the... and wants... to pull... to the garrison. Can you read... Blaine... respond."

     "Say again? You're breaking up. I can not copy your message. Please repeat." Straining his neck he looked down the shadow strewn street.

     "Tell Corporal... to find... L-Tee... Steiner wants you... pull back... Do you... Please respond."

     "Roger. Will pull back and order Kim to find the L-Tee. On my way." Blaine looked up as the tanks approached the next intersection. "Kim this is Blaine, do you copy?"

     "Breaking... try again..."

     "Find the L-Tee over. Repeat, find the L-Tee. Inform him that Top's on the way. Did you copy over?"

     "Roger... find the... and inform... of the rescue... Good luck."

Play COW 02
(Use Squad Leader Kim for this Mission)

Play COW 03
(Use Squad Leader Blaine for this Mission)

Chapter Four

     The smoldering embers of charred wood glowed outside the saloon. Kim cautiously made his way to the window and peered through the shattered glass. Even in infrared mode, his helmet's sensors had a difficult time locating the others. He could swear that the fire fight was originating from this building directly across the street. The only problem was locating somebody inside. Are they alive? Are there rebels inside? I wonder if this is the right building? Kim peered through the window, back down the street, trying to regain his bearings. Yes, this has to be the right building. The tricky part is going to get their attention without getting my ass shot off in the process. He could risk turning off his camosuit, but he could easily be mistaken as a rebel. The comlink was now useless. That's when the idea hit him. Reaching deep inside his rucksack he pulled out a flashlight and began transmitting a signal in Morse code.

     "Is everyone all right?"

     "All a counted for L-Tee." replied Nimmo as he reloaded a new battery clip into his rifle.

     "I'm surprised they didn't try comin' from the rear alley." spoke the Greek.

     "Yeah, well that fire fight was a simple probe. The next attack will definitely come from both directions." you warn the others as you brush broken shards of glass off your exosuit.

     "Commander, take a look at this!" shouted Simms as she peered through the window. It looks like somebody is sending us a signal of some sorts."

     You ran to the front of the building and looked across the street. "Morse Code, does anyone got a flashlight?"

     "Morse Code, what's that?"

     "An ancient 20th century code, I did a report on it in officer training, back in the Academy... how 'bout that flashlight?"

     "Come on L-Tee take a look outside..." Kim whispered to himself as he quickly flashed the light on and off. "Answer the damn code!"

     The special forces private was so engrossed in his work he failed to notice the rear door slide open. The intruder methodically searched each of the three small rooms in the back of the building. Janson looked around the room trying to be as silent as possible. He swore that he had seen someone enter the building. Had he been mistaken? Janson approached the main room, failing to notice the blinking light emitting from the far corner. Ever so slowly, the young rebel edged his way closer to the window. Something was blocking the widow, but he couldn't quite make it out. He looked over his shoulder to make sure that it wasn't a shadow. No its more like... a camosuit!

     For several brief moments, Janson's heart felt as though it was going to pound out of his chest. Taking a deep breath, he raised his laser rifle and took one quick glance down at its remaining charge. At this range, he couldn't afford to miss.

     The instant flash of bright light startled the marine more than the sudden high pitched squelch of the Zollanti Single Fire Repeater. An instant later the impact of the seven centimeter diameter plasma ball vaporized all seven layers of his ablative armored exosuit, burned its way through his shoulder, searing bone and meat alike as is exited out of the front into the wall before him, sending him to the ground. Before Private Kim had time to fall to the ground, he spun around and with one fluid motion grabbed the dagger attached to his left thigh and threw it with one short sweeping arc. The long blade flew through the air and hit its target square in the stomach doubling him backwards to the ground. Kim looked down at the smoking hole in his arm then back to the moaning shadow. Kim stood up and walked over to the rebel, his M62 pulse laser rifle held ready. He studied the moaning rebel as he kicked his weapon beyond reach.

     "Please... please don't kill... don't kill me." pleaded the young man.

     "Why not?"

     "What?" he said in disbelief.

     "Why shouldn't I kill you." Kim knelt down beside the boy and gripped the knife, "I should gut you like a wadgel."

     "No... No don't, please don't kill me."

     "We've been through this before. One last time, why shouldn't I kill you?"

     "Because..." the young lad lifted his head and stared with wide opened eyes of shear terror at the grotesquely blood covered knife that protruded from his stomach. "Because... because I know where they are hiding General Agia. He is here, in Freeport."

     In one quick movement, Kim slid the knife from the kid's stomach and resheathed it. "Here take this," he said handing him a stero compress. "Hold it tight against your stomach. It'll stop most of the bleeding."

     Janson didn't know what to say. He slowly let his head drop back down to the floor as he watched the marine take his Zollanti Repeater and fashion it in a way where it protruded from the shattered window. Kim quickly tore out some optical fiber from the comlink jack built into the wall and tied it around Janson's legs and free hand. Taking a small piece of wood he walked over to the window and made sure the weapon was aimed correctly.

     "Well they already know we are here. Might as well convince them we're rebels." Kim walked over to the open door way and shouted out across the street."

     "L-Tee can you hear me?"

     A moment later a shadow approached the window from the saloon across the street. "Is that you Kim?"

     "Affirmative, I'm coming across. Get your people to duck!"

     Kim ran over to the Zollanti Repeater and lodged the piece of wood into the trigger mechanism. The weapon kicked back but held as it began to fire automatically at the building across the street. The strobing effect from the firing rifle illuminated the room as the marine lifted the wounded rebel over his good shoulder and darted out the door.

Please Play COW 04
(Use Squad Leader Kim for this Mission)

Chapter Five

     Seven shadows gathered around the courtyard of the garrison as the distant sound of gun fire echoed from within the blackened, smoke covered streets of Freeport. Each of the marines carried their large heavy rucksacks as they waited for the leader, Sergeant Steiner to emerge. Finally he appeared in the doorway giving last minute instructions to Sergeant Frantz.

     "One more time, I'll take Alpha Team and proceed through the sewers to the starport. Once there we will board the shuttle and take off to the center of town. You and Bravo Team will wait here and defend the garrison until we arrive with the L-Tee. Well land here in the courtyard, and see what we can do about getting the hell out of this town. Judging from the activity all day, they should be closing in on this part of the city, so it might get hot around here tonight."

     "Relax Top. Remember that raid on Bailolsol, that was hot. This should only get warm."

     Sergeant Steiner smiled and walked down the steps to awaiting team. "Just keep your head down..."

     "You just worry about bringing the CO back with you... Don't worry bout us, we'll be here waitin'."

Please Play COW 05
(Use Squad Leader Steiner for this Mission)

     "What's going on outside Corporal?"

     "Saw a shit load of tanks and rebels outside, both ends of the street. Sorry about firing on the building like that, but I figured I'd stand a better chance crossing the street if they thought I was a rebel."

     "Good thinking." you commend him as you finish applying several more bandages around his shoulder. "It's a good thing that plasma sphere exited out."

     "Yeah I guess so. He was only a couple of meters away when he fired."

     "If he was twice that far away it probably wouldn't of had enough energy to burn its way out of your armor. I've seen several marines buy the farm with just one wound. Those Zollanti plasma balls do a lot damage once they get trapped inside your exosuit."

     Private Mrozak came running down the steps. "We got company folks."

     You look around the room at the others. "Simms take the prisoner and lock him up in the closet. He may be of some use later. Kim, what's Steiner up to?"

     "The word has it that's he's gonna try to fly in and pull us all out. The entire block is cut off."

     "What's he going to-"

     You were suddenly cut off in mid-sentence as part of the front wall to the saloon immediately vaporized in cloud of dust and brick.

     "Tanks!" shouted a voice.

     "Everybody take your positions!"

Please Play COW06
(Use Your own Squad Leader for this Mission)

Chapter Six

     The starport was full of activity. Sergeant Steiner couldn't believe his eyes as he looked out from the hidden man hole. One by one, each man from Alpha Team emerged from the sewers.

     "Must be a whole company of 'em." estimated Blaine as he pressed his body into the soft soil.

     "More like a battalion." corrected Steiner as he tried to plot out a new set of orders. 'The tarmac is that way. God knows how many we'll find there. But that's where the shuttle is, so plan to double time it towards the runway." Steiner looked at each man then spoke. "I need a volunteer to stay behind and lay down a suppressing fire into the starport facility building. No doubt when they hear us firing, they'll come from over there," he said pointing to the door.

     "I'll stay behind, Top" volunteered Blaine.

     "Good. Now don't get trigger happy until the shit hits the fan. Once it does, and it will, hang out here as long as possible. Don't die on me and become a hero. Once we lift off, high tail it back into the sewers and rejoin Sergeant Frantz."

     "Don't worry Top. I may be brave but I ain't stupid."

Please Play COW 07
(Use Squad Leader Steiner for this mission)

Chapter Seven

     As soon as the shuttle lifted from the tarmac and sped towards the center of town, it didn't take them long to figure out Blaine had disappeared into the sewers. He could hear the distant sounds of shouting and wild, frenzy splashes of running feet as they echoed throughout the sewers. They were on to him. Blaine quickly turned off the external headlight built into his helmet and switched to infrared mode. The last thing he needed to do was give himself away or for that matter get lost and bump into a wadgel or two. Reaching behind to his rucksack the marine grabbed several proximity charges and threw them behind, just in case the rebels caught his scent. Blaine made his way to an intersection and looked around at the unfamiliar landscape, he was lost.

Please Play COW 09
(Use Squad Leader B1aine for this Mission)

     The rebels' main attack came from both side streets. Led by a dozen grav tanks, the two pronged assault caught Sergeant Frantz and his men off guard. Two troopers were all ready down with another trapped outside somewhere. Jennings managed to take out three tanks, but like the others, he too had to pull back to the relatively safety of the garrison. Each of the remaining marines were busily firing from open windows into the courtyard below. The intense laser fire was almost blinding. Half of his men were already wounded, yet they still fought on. Frantz quickly organized his remaining men into three separate squads of three men each. Whenever one side of the building seemed to fall under heavy fire, Frantz rushed an additional squad over there to concentrate his firepower. The attack had gone on for over thirty minutes, and scores of dead Zollanti soldiers littered the outside courtyard. He knew it would be only a matter of time, but he had no choice but to hold out.

     "Sergeant... Sergeant!" shouted Jennings as he loaded another armor piercing rocket into his launcher. "Schmitty is still alive. He's about thirty meters in front!"

     Frantz ran over to his position and glanced out the window as several plasma balls vaporized the nearby windowsill. "I don't know Jennings, I didn't see him!"

     "He's there I tell you. I saw him firing from that burned out grav tank!"

     Frantz stole one more quick glance outside to the smoke covered courtyard and beyond. "I don't see him."

     "Damn it Sergeant he's there!" he said as he motioned towards the door.

     Frantz jumped across the open widow and tackled the young private and threw him up against the wall. "Okay okay, he's alive." The sergeant shook the kid until he stopped looking outside and looked back towards himself. "He's alive, I believe you. But there's nothing you or anybody can do for him now. There's a couple hundred Zollanti out there just waiting to pick us off. He can fend for himself."

     "He'll die."

     "Son, unless a miracle happens, we're all going to die."

Please Play COW 09
(Use Squad Leader Fritz for " Mission)

Chapter Eight

     The rebels were gaining little ground in their attacks against the saloon. Dozens of bodies were strewn haphazardly across the street. The last raid seemed as though it was going to succeed until the hidden booby trap erupted in the alley way. Seven men were literally vaporized as they entered the rear entrance. A third of the rear walls were destroyed in the blast, but it did more than kill seven brave rebels, it stalled the attack and enabled the marines to regain the upper hand. Unfortunately for their prisoner, the blast from the hidden prox charges caused part of the upper level to collapse, crushing the young rebel as he hid in the closet But that was all behind them now. Mrozak lay in one corner of the room. His low moaning faded as he slipped back into unconsciousness. Ammo was running seriously low, with only a half dozen of grenades, two more rockets for the launchers and about two more clips of ammunition for the rifles, the situation looked pretty bleak. Steiner would have to come soon.

     The rebels are on the move again!" shouted Simms as she caught sight of some moving shadows.

     "Okay people look sharp. Pick each target carefully. Make each shot count as if it was your last one. Nimmo, carry Mrozak to the upper level. Mahairus, keep an eye on the rear alley. They tried it before, they'll sure as hell come that way again. Just remember to-"

     The blast was deafening. The shock waves of the nuclear charge ripped into the ruined saloon with a powerful vengeance. The shilouetted image of Private Mahairus disintegrating into ashes flashed before your eyes as you were thrown across the room. A moment later he disappeared. The distant image of the sapper attacks against your Special Forces compound brought back bitter memories. How in the hell can you fight fanatics. As the dust settled around the room you look up into Nimmo's face as he pulls you to your feet. Corporal Simms was now standing in the front of the saloon as several well aimed laser rifles opened up on you. Private Nimmo took several rounds in the back. The impact of the plasma balls knocked him flat on his face, taking yourself down to the ground with him. His painful screams of agony echoed loudly in your ears as the unfortunate marine rolled on his stomach in pain. The next minute, Corporal Kim was beside you asking you if you were okay. Still in a daze from the nuke attack you nod your head. Crawling away to a rear corner of the building you desperately try to regain your wits about you. Corporal Simms began firing her rifle down the street as Kim worked frantically to pull off Nimmo's burning exosuit. You begin to choke at the sight of the marines back as several glowing plasma balls begin to melt away his innards. Wiping the vomit from your face plate you look up as Simms begins to point up to the sky.

     "They're here! They're here!"

Please Play COW 10
(Use your own Squad Leader for this Mission)

Chapter Nine

     "Pull him in! Pull him in!" shouted Steiner at Beletsky as he helped load Mrozak and Nimmo into the rear of the shuttle. A brilliant display of light raced up from the street to the roof tops as all the rebels began to concentrate their firepower at the shuttle. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as Steiner and Kim help pull you up into the bay. "Is that everybody?" asked Steiner. You turn around and look back at him with a blank stare. You can hear his words over the whining pitch of the racing engines, but you fail to comprehend their meaning. "Is that everybody?" he asked again, but this time to Corporal Kim. He quickly nodded his head and gave a thumbs up sign. "Close the bay doors and let's get the hell out of here!"

     The pilot jammed the shuttle's controls forward and pulled back on the joystick. The shuttle lifted several meters above the roof. She was heavy, but she'd have to do it. Putting the engines under emergency power seemed to do the trick. The shuttle lurched forward and darted away to safety. Steiner looked around at you and the others.

     They've gone through pure hell, he thought to himself as he watched Beletsky help administer aid to Nimmo. He was barely alive, but hanging on bravely. Mrozak was unconscious, but alive. Corporal Simms helped Kim apply a new bandage to his badly injured shoulder. "Pure hell..." he muttered out loud as he looked around.

     "Sergeant, I want to... I want to thank you for..." you stop in mid sentence as you look out the bay window at the glowing fire on the horizon. Steiner leaned forward and looked outside as well.

     "Oh my god..."

     You look up into his face and immediately read his expression. "The garrison," you mutter.

     Steiner quickly turned around and shouted something to the pilot. The ship seemed to move faster as he banked it towards the spreading fiery glow of the garrison building. The shuttle made several circling passes over the courtyard. The carnage below made the saloon attack look like a picnic. Half of the building was now engulfed in a mad rush of fire and choking smoke. It was evident that nobody had survived the attack. You quickly glance around the shuttle catching quick glimpses of everyone, trying to personally record who wasn't here, who now, were dead. Sergeant Frantz was gone, so too was Private Blaine. There were many others, other brave men who had served with you.

     The shuttle was your savior, it helped rescue you from the clutches of the enemy, and now it would take you out of the surrounded city. No doubt it couldn't take you as far as the mountains, but it would do one thing, if anything, and that is buy you and your men a little more time. Time for the fifth fleet to get assembled and launch a counter attack.

     "Land on the roof! Land on the root!" you shout out pointing downward. "We got to secure those data packs I left in the safe."

To Be Continued...

     You have done your duty. What is left of Freeport is now in the hands of the Rebels. But will they stop there, or will they follow you and your ragged group of marines to hell and back? The Fifth Fleet is on the way, but still several days away. Troop barge after troop barge are landing on Azarius strengthening their deadly grip on the planet. Will you be able to make it to the secret listening post? Experience the ultimate in Breach 2 scenarios with the finale of the series, Souls of the Damned, the seventh disk of the best selling Federation Collection. Order today while there is still time to save the Fifth Fleet!
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