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Screenshots - Bombs!

Bombs! atari screenshot
Bombs! atari screenshot

Information - Bombs!

GenreBrain - MinesweeperYear1992
LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
ResolutionHighLicensed from

Simpao, David J.A.

Graphic Artist(s)SoftwareEnglish
Game designBox / InstructionsEnglish
Musician(s)LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FXSerial
Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Bombs! Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - Bombs!


                 Shareware by David J.A. Simpao

                           Version 1.00
                   Release Date: May 13, 1992

    Bombs! is an unabashed clone of the popular game Minesweeper
which runs under Microsoft Windows.  (The Macintosh also has a version of
the game called Bombs.)

                     The Concept of Shareware

    Bombs! is being distributed as "shareware."  This means that
you're free and actually encouraged to give copies of it to
friends, to upload it to bulletin board services, etc., as long as
the program file (BOMBS.PRG), the resource file (BOMBSRSC.RSC),
and this document (BOMBS.TXT) are included and none of the files
is altered in ANY WAY.  I would like to see the program circulated
as far as possible.

However, if you use and enjoy this program, you are expected to pay
for it just as you would be expected to pay for a commercial program.
The shareware fee for Bombs! is only $5.00, so it's pretty
painless to become a registered user of Bombs!. 

    If you do find yourself playing Bombs!, please send a check or money
order for $5.00 to:

    David J.A. Simpao (Bombs!)
    2401 Crandall Drive
    San Diego, CA 92111

    This makes you a registered user of Bombs! and entitles you to updates
as soon as they become available.

    If you'd like to me to acknowledge that I've received your
shareware payment, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

    This is the first program I've released as shareware and to be
honest with you I don't expect the response to be earth-shattering.
If you can't send $5.00, send whatever you feel is fair.  At the
very least send a postcard saying that you use the game and what city
you're from.  I want to know how far this program makes it.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who contributes for Bombs!.
Your contributions are very much appreciated and will serve to keep
me motivated to work on new features and new projects.

                          Running Bombs!

    Bombs! is very simple to run.  All it requires is that the
program file, BOMBS.PRG, and the resource file, BOMBSRSC.RSC,
be in the same directory.  A third file, BOMBS.INF, which stores
the Best Times information, is created in this directory, also.

    Currently, Bombs! only works in high resolution so you'll have
to have a monochrome monitor.  (Hopefully, I will eventually be able
to tweak the program so that it runs on color monitors.)

                         How to play Bombs!

    If you have played Minesweeper on PC's or Bombs on the Macintosh,
then you already know how to play the Atari ST version so go ahead
and skip this section.  Otherwise here's how to play:

    You are presented with a grid of squares which are initially covered.
Some, but not all, of the squares contain bombs.  The object of the game
is to determine which squares contain bombs and mark them with flags.

    Clicking on a square with the left mouse button, "opens" that square.
The square will either contain a number or a bomb.  If it contains a
bomb, then you've been blown up and you've lost the game.  All the bombs
will be uncovered to show where they were.  On the other hand if the
square contains a number, then you're still alive and can continue
opening squares.  The number in the square tells you exactly how many
bombs are in adjacent (nearest neighbor) squares.  Using the information
for the number of nearby bombs, you can deduce where the bombs are
and thus mark those dangerous squares with flags to avoid being blown up.
To mark a square with a flag, either click on the square with the right
mouse button or click on the square with the _left_ mouse button while
holding down one of the shift keys.  If you mark a square with a flag
and then later realize that you made a mistake, simply right-click
(or shift-left-click) on the square again to remove the flag.

    (NOTE: Sometimes, especially when playing the more difficult skill
levels, you may be forced to guess where a bomb is.)

    In the top section of the "board" are three objects.  On the left
is a number showing the number of flags remaining for marking squares.
On the right is a timer which counts the number of seconds it takes to
clear the field.  In the center is a button which restarts the game if
you click on it.  This button has the same effect as selecting New from
the menu.

    If you mark too many squares with flags (say, if there are 10 bombs
but you used 11 flags) then the number of flags remaining goes negative
and the clock keeps ticking.  You have to determine which flag(s) are
erroneous and unmark them.

    From the menu you can select a skill level from Beginner, 
Intermediate, or Expert.  This changes the size of the field and the
number of bombs in the field.  You can also select Custom which allows
you to type in the size of the field and the number of bombs.

    To add a little spice to the game, a timer clicks off the number
of seconds it takes to clear the field.  The player who clears the
field the fastest gets to enter his/her name.

    To view the Best Times information for the players who cleared the
field the fastest, select the Best Times from the menu.  By the way,
if you want to clear the Best Times information, simply delete the
BOMBS.INF file.  The next time you run Bombs! a new BOMBS.INF file
will be created with the times and names reset.

    Have fun!

    David J.A. Simpao
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