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Screenshots - Blobb Run

Blobb Run atari screenshot
Blobb Run atari screenshot
Blobb Run atari screenshot

Information - Blobb Run

GenreArcade - MiscellaneousYear1987
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
ControlsKeyboard, MouseDistributor
Players1, DemoDeveloper[n/a]
ResolutionLowLicensed from

Slemko, Mark

Graphic Artist(s)

Slemko, Ryan

Game design

Slemko, Mark

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Slemko, Mark

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Blobb Run Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - Blobb Run


     An  urgent  message  had  been  passed  which
called  you  to the professor  Peetlebrot's  earth
base and laboratory.  Something was wrong, and the
message seemed to point out that he wanted you  to

     It started about  two weeks ago at the  forty
megawatt  Sunplant on the sixth  moon of  Jupiter.
The  plant itself produced enough power  from  the
Uranium  and Plutonium, extracted from within  the
asteroids from  the belt  near by,  to refuel  the
many  positive ion propelled spacecrafts  that now
fill the solar system, and as well as the galaxy.

     Professor Peetlebrot  had been informed  that
an accident had occured at  the main generator  in
the  Sunplant.   A workman had fallen into the hot
and  radioactive furnace  while refilling it  with
Uranium.   After  this had  happened,  the furnace
coughed out a  purple slime onto the  walls of the
     Soon after  the incident had occured and  was
reported,   two other workmen, were digested in  a
grotesque manner  by the strange slime,  and so it
began to take on animal characteristics,  such  as
eyes, and a peculiar large mouth. 
     Quickly, the slime organisms  advanced on the
rest of  the crew  which was  remaining.  The crew
tried to kill the purple 'balls' but nothing could
stop  them.   There was no hope,  and finally  the
strange blobbs killed them off while they tried to
send an  S.O.S.  message back to  the  professor's
Earth Base.

     After  having examined  the  visual  evidence
and    the   strange   circumstances,    professor
Peetlebrot  came to  the conclusion that a similar
problem  had  occured  on  RT-5,  a  small  planet
circling  the Bermd star.   He explained that  the
purple slime could  not easily  be destroyed,  for
when one would attempt to  kill it,  it would just
collect again and get even bigger.
     He  did not know exactly what would happen in
the   case  of  the   Sunplant   though,   because
everything  was  so similar  about  the  organisms
there and of RT-5,  except the fact that the  ones
of the Sunplant had eaten and taken on animal, and
human features.
     Since  the professor knew of no way  to  kill
the creatures,   he developed a small  tote-a-long
transporter that would transport the purple slime,
(  with   a   moderate  level   of   radiation  ),
randomly.    Included   in   the   design  was  an
Auto-fetch   Remote   Device,  (ARD),  where as by
pressing the remotes button, the transporter would
automatically transport itself to the holder.  The
professor   demonstrated   it's   usefullness   by
imatating slime and chasing  you around  the room,
and trapping you without  the transporter  in your
hand.   Pressing the  button, you   are  surprised
with  the presence of  the transporter  under your
arm,  ready to be  dropped  and to  transport  the
     Before he continues, he adds, "Becareful  how 
often  you  use  that  transporter,   because  the 
possibility  exsists that the Blobb may  transport 
randomly, right back on to you!"
     Finally,  he equiped you with an  oxygen tank
and a regeneration unit (which gets its power from
Uranium mesons).

     As  you  were  walked  to  your  ship  by the
professor,  he  explained   your   mission    more
thoroughly,  "You  must  gather  as  many  Uranium
crystals, (which are abundant on moon number six),
and  reach the generator to throw them  in.   This
will cause a massive surge in the Mecktronic Pulse
Compressor,  and  make the entire  generator  over
load and explode,   to   destroy   the   infesting
     "The Uranium meson will be  present when  you
pick  the  crystals  up,  so  the  more  crystals,
the   more  regenerations   you   will have to die
for!"  he added with a dry chuckle.
     He then said "In  theory,  the blobbs  should
get bigger,  faster, and more dangerous, so I must
say, it's a most difficult mission, and I hope you
return safely, and that time may be on your side."
     You  grinned  a long  grin  and  boarded your
ship.   Then he  yells  to you,  "And don't forget
to  use  that  tote-a-long,   you  won't  make  it

     Your  launch  was  successful,   so  you  set
the  course  to  Jupiter,   and  climed  into  the
FreezeSleeper,  anticipating  the  difficult  task
that you have been assigned...

     When  you  arrived  at  your destination  the
computer  Heat-Waked you, (all you do is have slow
dreams in the FreezeSleeper), and prepared to land
on the Sunplant landing area.   While landing  you
reflected on the task that has  been  assigned  to
you (which seemed just minutes before).

     The Job has begun.

     You  see a  'Teleport Menu'  panel infront of
you with what seems like about one hundred  little
buttons.  Under  them,  in  fine  print,  it says,


This  common  security  precaution  nauseates  you
somewhat,   since   it   complicates   the  matter
tremendously.   A greater task has begun than ever
before realized.
     You  are  now  scanning  the  Teleport  Menu,
looking to see which button should be the first to
be  pressed,  and to start your heroic  effort  of
destroying   the   incredibly   dangerous   purple

                    GOOD LUCK!

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