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Bio-Graph Elite atari screenshot

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Poston, Barney

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Poston, Barney

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Poston, Barney

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After years of research, scientists have considerable documented
evidence that humans operate on regular biological cycles.  Just 
as the days and seasons change, humans also have built-in cycles 
dictating good and bad or on and off days.  By   understanding  
yourself and your ups and downs, it is possible to adjust  and  
align your life around the best days for particular events and  
activities.  A 'Biorhythm' is the description and application of 
these biological life beats found within ourselves.   

The word 'Biorhythm' is derived from the Greek words, 'bio',
meaning life, and 'rhythmos', meaning regulated beats.  The study
of Biorhythms has revealed three distinct biological patterns. 
1) A 23 day physical cycle governing energy and sexual
stimulation.  2) A 28 day emotional cycle governing love and
happiness.  3) A 33 day mental cycle governing money and career.
The three cycles begin the moment of birth and flow up and down
over one's entire life. (Have your Biorhythms calculated for
your birth year).

Your biorhythm cycles are almost as unique as your fingerprints. 

When one of your cycles is 'high' or 'highest', you will become 
sharper and more efficient in the areas governed by the cycle.  
When at least two biorhythm cycles are 'high' or 'highest' you 
experience a multi-high jackpot day.  These are the best days
for new activities, going out with friends or on dates, playing
games of chance, and attempting athletic and mental challenges.  

On the other hand, if a cycle is 'low' or on 'recharge', your  
performance in that area will be below par.  When a cycle is  
'changing' from 'high' to 'low' or 'low' to 'high' your 
performance in that area is usually unpredictable.  You should 
use your 'low', 'recharge', and 'changing' days to rest and 

Your personal biorhythm analysis, based on your birth date, was  
calculated by the 'BIO-GRAPH ELITE' program.  It accurately 
locates the positions of your three cycles throughout the 
specified calendar year, letting you plan your  day-to-day 
activities to your best advantage.

Your biorhythm analysis can be a helpful and meaningful  
guideline.  Naturally it is not intended to be a complete and  
definitive substitute for sound human judgement.


Your biorhythm analysis shows you the location of each of your  
cycles.  When interpreting the biorhythms, keep in mind that each
should be taken in light of your age, temperament and present 
state of health.  When adjusted to your particular personality 
and physical abilities, they will be meaningful guidelines for
your life.

                   LOCATION OF CYCLES

When cycles are 'high' or 'highest' you are -

     -Physically more vigorous.  There seems no job too tough to 
      tackle and complete.

     -Emotionally more creative.  You feel a greater sense of    
      love and optimism and are more cooperative and easy going. 

     -Intellectually better able to study, think, decide and     
      memorize because your mental faculties are at their zenith.

When all cycles are 'high' or 'highest' together you are -       

     -Luckier at games of chance.  Your fresh enthusiasm, strong 
      confidence and keen awareness greatly increase the odds of 

     -Luckier at love and romance.  You will be more energetic,  
      happier and intellectually sharper.  Members of the        
      opposite sex will be more attracted to you.   

     -Luckier at work.  Your capacity for reasoning and     
      understanding problems in addition to your endurance and   
      high vitality make any task easier.   

When cycles are low or lowest you are -

     -Physically inclined to tire easily and require more rest   
      and sleep.  Your body is sending you the message to relax  
      and recuperate.

     -Emotionally liable to become irritable and negative.  You  
      do not view others with as open a mind as during your high 
      emotional phase.   

     -Intellectually unable to think and absorb at your usual    
      capacity.  You may feel confused and find yourself         

When cycles are changing you are -   

     -Physically inclined to over-strain and to act without      

     -Emotionally somewhat unsettled, inclined to irrational     
      behavior and poor judgments.   

     -Intellectually liable to make mental mistakes and poor     
      judgments.  Real effort will be needed to think            
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