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Screenshots - Amaze

Amaze atari screenshot
Amaze atari screenshot

Information - Amaze

GenreArcade - MazeYear1988
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
Players1Developer[no developer]
ResolutionLowLicensed from

Muir, Angus

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Muir, Angus

Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Muir, Angus

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Amaze Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Amaze


                          Angus Muir. 1988.

Just an old game I wrote way back years ago. 

Find your way out of the 3D maze using the mouse.

Control panel looks like this...

                    *       MOVE FORWARD        *

                    ************** **************
                    * TURN LEFT  * * TURN RIGHT *
                    ************** **************

                    *  TRANSPORT (IF POSSIBLE)  *

Sorry about the title screen music,  I  know that it's bloody awful!!!
But as you'll see from Counter  atak,  I hate using the internal sound
chip for music and F/X.

Amaze was written back  in  the  days  when  sound samples were luxury
items only found in commerical games. Again Sorry about the sound!!!

                          THE GROAN SECTION.

I've been an Atari ST owner since  August  1987, in all that time I've
only once seen the ST market  in  the  mess  it's in now, and that was
when I first bought my Atari.

The reasons I bought my ST was that, at the time it was the BIG thing,
the Amiga had just made an appearance  into  the ring but cost œ399 or
more, whereas the ST cost me œ279 and had a head start over the Amiga.
Games on the Amiga were just straight port-overs from ST games and the
Amiga ones usually cost  a  fiver  more.  Atari  were reported to care
about the users of their machines  and  Commodore didn't. Having had a
Commodore 64, I agreed with the press.   BUT I DON'T NOW!!!

DUNGEON MASTER, I was totally hooked on this game for about six months
--------------- or more. No Amiga  owner had it and  every Amiga owner
                wanted it. When it  did make it onto  the Amiga it was
so funny to see the faces  of  Amiga  owners  change, they now had the
game everyone wanted, the fun really came  when they heard they needed
1 meg of memory to run the  same  game  ST owners were running in half
meg machines. I laughed and laughed...  until Eye of the Beholder came
out on the Amiga only... sob...  sob...  sob... What a brill game, the
worm  had  turned,  Amiga  only  games  were  coming  out.  Maybe  the
programmers were Amiga owners who wanted  Dungeon Master. I also own a
LYNX, Eye of the Beholder should  have  come  out  on it, but I've not
seen it yet!!!

Getting hold of new ST games from  shops  is a nightmare, just like it
was in 1987. One glimmer of hope is a new system out in the shops now,
EDOS (Software On Demand), a system of displaying games on all formats
with just one box per game. Each box has details of which computer the
game is for, if you want the game, take the box to the counter and you
can have it copied there and  then,  on demand. Shops who support this
system have plenty  of  ST,Spectrum,C64,PC,Amstrad,Amiga(who hasn't ?)
games in stock, plus a few for the MSX and MAC computers too. Now that
is a good idea, all they need now is some new games!!!

I love my ST, I'm not scared to tell people of the fact...

        I   L O V E   M Y    A T A R I   S T F M   1   M E G .

Seven years of trouble free computing I've have out of it.

MEGADRIVE,   what a load of CRAP!!! I  own one, two years I've have it
and one year I've been trying to  sell  the bloody thing, if I sell it
for any less I may aswel give it  away. The games cost a bomb and keep
my interest for about 6 days if I'm lucky. This is why I no longer buy
games for it. Sonic 1, had it,  sold  it,  Sonic 2, had it, almost the
same as Sonic 1, sold it, Sonic  3,  seen  it, don't want it, it's the
same as 1 and 2, CRAP!!!

Jaguar, love to have one but the  games cost the same as megadrive and
SNES games...   TOO MUCH!!!

Buy PD, get a game cheap, play  the game and enjoy it without thinking
about the amount it has cost you. Play  it twice and blank the disk if
you like, it didn't cost you much anyway.


Anyone out there reading this into MOUNTAIN BIKING ?
If not, why not ?
It's great!!!
Get a mountain bike and enjoy getting  fit, unless you come off like I
do, Quite a lot!!!
Yes, two months my knee has been hurting, I'm now sat here waiting for
Quantum Leap to start at 9pm, having not  been on my bike for 3 weeks,
due to the fact I have to  rest  my knee from any strain cycling would
put on it, after this week I'm allowed out again.

Anyone into bikes maybe interested in the bikes I have...

GT Pysclone, custom built bike, it has all the stuff on it and weights
in at  23lbs  1ozs,  including  suspension  forks  (Pace  Rc  35s) and
computer etc.

I'm a proper Mountain Biker, none  of  this  SPD stuff, toe straps and
clips for me lad. Try and get out  of  SPd's on the kind of terrain we
ride and get a broken leg mate!!! Only the roughest stuff for us.
About a month back on  a  downhill  laiden  with  rocks from 1 inch to
about 50 inchs I reach a speed of 37.2 mph !!!


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... Surport the  ST  as  much  as  you can, or the
market WILL die once and for all...

If you have read all of this doc file, Thank You...

                                       Angus Muir.
                                       165 Didsbury Road,
                                       Cheshire.  SK4 2AE.

****                                                              ****
****                   1 March 1994   22:35:24                    ****
****                                                              ****


   Counter Atak II Four Ways Attack, is on it's way....

It's has lots of digi graphics (Thanks POWER SCANNER) and digi Music,
it's for the 1mb STE only.

I don't know when it will be finished, because I'm very busy indeed!!!

Updated Doc file for FLOPPYSHOP. April 6 1995.
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