Adventures of Snatch & Crunch (The)

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Screenshots - Adventures of Snatch & Crunch (The)

Adventures of Snatch & Crunch (The) atari screenshot
Adventures of Snatch & Crunch (The) atari screenshot
Adventures of Snatch & Crunch (The) atari screenshot

Information - Adventures of Snatch & Crunch (The)

GenreAdventure - TextYear
LanguageSTACPublisher[no publisher]
Players1Developer[no developer]
ResolutionMediumLicensed from-

Ellis, Sean

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)


Game design

Stiles, Tony

Box / Instructions


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Adventures of Snatch & Crunch (The) Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - Adventures of Snatch & Crunch (The)


                 The Adventures of Snatch and Crunch

WARNING: This adventure is not recommended for children, or for avid
supporters of Mary Whitehouse. It is intended to be a saucy and
amusing adventure, and therefore contains some innuendos. You have
been warned!

This is a text only adventure with a difference.... You get to play
not just one character, but TWO. The two characters (Snatch and
Crunch) are completely independent of each other, but you will need
use the abilities of each character if you are to complete the game.

I have written the game using STAC from Incentive Software. This is an
excellent package, it's just a pity that Incentive decided to set it
out of the price bracket affordable to most. If you do happen to have
a spare 40 quid lying around the place, buy a copy and you won't be

Some of you may be upset that there are no graphics in the game. There are two
reasons for this.. the obvious one being that I am no artist, the second is the
fact that I do not believe in Text/graphics adventures. I like graphics
adventures, and I also like text adventures.. BUT I do not like text adventures
with pictures - if I encounter one of these beasts I spend my first five
minutes figuring out how to turn the goddam pictures off! I hope most of you
share my views, if you don't I hope the text content makes up for it!

All the standard verbs are here, with some extras. Although I do not
fully agree with the politics of "OOPS", I have included it for the
careless and weak minded. Also note that I have handled exits
differently from the standard approach (include the exits in the room
description). In this game, you can use the command EXITS - this will
show you all the the OBVIOUS exits. Note that exits are regarded as
clear paths.. doorways etc are NOT exits and will not be displayed
with the obvious exits.

The adventure will NEVER kill you off, but it will allow you to do
daft things which will then make completing the adventure impossible.
Take careful note of descriptions and before you do anything, consider
which character would be best suited to do it... Snatch is small and
nimble whereas Crunch is Huge and clumsy. Also, examine everyting.

I have steered clear of commands with two nouns (i.e. put the EGG in
the BASKET) to simplify things somewhat, but you will find you can use
all of STACs parsing abilities...

   Get egg
   Drop it
   Get egg, hat.
   Drop the egg and the hat.

   Get the egg, examine the hat.
   drop all
   get all
   go through the gate
   enter gate
   etc etc etc.

Some of you who own STAC will realise that is it not designed for
multi character adventures. Anyone out there who would like to try to
decipher my multi player STAC code, send me a blank disk with enough
return postage and I will send the source to you.

If you get stuck, send me return postage with your question and I'll be glad to
answer. I would also welcome any criticisms/praise/requests for a sequel etc.

Tony Stiles
103A Ludlow Road
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