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Super Huey

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Pengwin - 10/02/2007
Something the manual scans don't show are the commands for the onboard computer, these are:

ABT - Abort the current mission.
ACS - Set automatic course correction. When prompted by SET, enter compass heading.
ASN - Select a new assignment,and enter one of the following
INS - Flight instruction
EXP - Exploratory mission
COM - Combat
RSC - Rescue Mission
CLM - Displays current climatic conditions.
DST - Calculate line-of-sight distance from take-off point.
GTK - Displays map grid for ground tracking based on Homing signal.
HOM - Drops a homeing device.
LAR - Load and arm rockets. At the load prompt, enter numbers 1-4 to select the number of rockets loaded into the tubes. At the ARM prompt, enter numbers 1-4 to arm the rockets. The fire button is then engaged for firing.
MAC - Activate machine guns.
POW - Turn on power
SAF - Send coordinates when landing or during emergency.
RAD - Turn on radar tracking without engaging weapons.
TRK - Displays grid for radar tracking and targeting.
VOR - Activate VHF Omnidirectional Range reception for navigation.
VSI - Display vertical speed reading.
XXX - Cancel previous command input.


Super Huey atari screenshot
Super Huey atari screenshot


GenreSimulation - AirYear1986
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherCosmi
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDeveloper

Bonifacio, Robert T.

Graphic Artist(s)Medium Disk 
Cover Artist(s)Serial
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