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sparkydav - 13/01/2013
Thanks for the url! :) Found it!!
Leroy - 06/05/2008
Hi all,

Fun game this, I noticed the entry says the dump is missing so I thought I'd let you know where you can find it should you want to play it, it's in .xex format, I hope it's ok to do this, sorry in advance if it's not:



Special Delivery atari screenshot
Special Delivery atari screenshot
Special Delivery atari screenshot
Special Delivery atari screenshot
Special Delivery atari screenshot
Special Delivery atari screenshot


GenreArcade - MiscellaneousYear1985
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherCreative Sparks
Players1CountryUnited Kingdom

Drake, Frank

Graphic Artist(s)MediumTape
Cover Artist(s)SerialCSAB 304
Dumpdownload atari Special Delivery Download

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Other version with the same title:


Missing original tape image!


Special Delivery Atari tape scan Special Delivery Atari tape scan



1. Make sure the computer is turned OFF at the power switch on the right-hand side of the console and that it has no cartridge inside. Close the lid.

2. Disconnect any other peripherals, such as printer or disc drives, as they may cause problems with loading your program.

3. Connect your television to the computer and turn down the sound noise before and during loading.

4. Connect the ATARI Program Recorder to the computer and then to a power point.

5. Place the cassette in the recorder.

6. Press REWIND, if necessary, to bring the tape back to the start. When the tape stops, press STOP.

7. Press START on the computer console and hold it down while you press the power switch on the right-hand side of the console to ON.

8. The computer will 'beep' as a signal for you to press PLAY on the recorder and release the START key. Next, press RETURN on the computer and the program will load into the computer.


Press the fire button to change the skill level which is shown by the target number. Move the joystick to start the game. Santa is moved up, down, left and right in the normal way.


1. Santa must first collect presents which are dropped by his helpers from the sky.

2. Obstacles such as clouds and mountains must be avoided. If Santa does collide with a mountain, cloud or other obstacle, he will lose a present from his sleigh.

3. If Santa's sleigh is hit by a lightning bolt then he will lose an hour.

4. Presents dropped by the Red Devil must also be avoided as these will cause one of Santa's presents to be lost.

5. The object of the first phase is to collect into Santa's bag as many or more presents than the target number.

6. If Santa fails to do this, he will not have the chance to drop all of the presents down the chimneys of the large houses. Instead, he will have to drop presents down the chimneys of the small houses until his bag is empty.

7. If Santa collects enough presents (that is equal or greater than the target), then he will be able to visit one of the large houses. He must land safely on the roof.

8. Once Santa is on the roof, he gets off his sleigh and climbs down the chimney. Now he must avoid the fireballs coming up the chimney and the snowballs travelling down. If Santa fails to avoid these hazards then he loses one hour.

9. If Santa reaches the bottom of the chimney, he must then place the presents in his bag under the Christmas tree. Then he must pick up the key, find the back door and make a quick exit. He must avoid coming into contact with the sleep-walking children, who would wake immediately, If this happens, then Santa loses another hour.

10. Moving the joystick left and right will move Santa from side to side across the floor. To go up and down the ladders, move the joystick up or down accordingly.


Special Delivery Atari catalog
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