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Scott Stilphen - 01/09/2022
it's not a bad version of Carnival, but not a great one, either, as it does have some flaws. The biggest is, you only start with 20 bullets! So if you don't start working to earn more (by shooting the stars and bulleye targets, you'll soon run out. If a duck drops down near the edge of the screen, it could possibly fly off to the right or left where it's unable to be shot, and if it drops down 'out of range', it'll eat your bullets (10 max). It's already happened to me and it was only the 3rd time I played it. The game also screwed up at one point. The round/level ended, but there was still a duck on the screen. It was no longer moving at that point, and was only erased when the bear ran off the screen and ended the bonus round. I made it to the 3rd gallery and barely broke 10k before running out of bullets. Nearly the entire gallery was full of ducks and I didn't have any bonus bullet targets to shoot, so 3 gallerys might very well be the most possible.


Shooting Gallery atari screenshot
Shooting Gallery atari screenshot
Shooting Gallery atari screenshot
Shooting Gallery atari screenshot


GenreShoot'em Up! - MiscellaneousYear1981
LanguageBASICPublisherANALOG Software

Mork, Phil

Graphic Artist(s)MediumTape Disk
Cover Artist(s)Serial
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Many thanks to Phsstpok for his continued efforts in creating a working cassette file of this rare game!

Missing original disk image!


Shooting Gallery Atari tape scan Shooting Gallery Atari tape scan


Loading instructions:
- turn off disk drive and make sure you are in BASIC mode
- insert tape file in your emulator / APE
- type RUN"C: at the prompt.



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Book / Magazine Reviews

 Electronic Games · September, 1982

Shooting Gallery is a target contest quite similar to SEGA's coin-op game Carnival in which gamers control a horizontally-moving, vertically-firing pistol and fire at a cast of clay bunnies, bears, ducks, pipes et al.
Play begins with a short supply of bullets, each shot indicated at the lower left of the screen. Run out of ammo and the game ends, but there are ways to gain... [more]

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