Satan's Hollow

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Comments (4)
Colton - 14/12/2013
Well i have played this at cos co and it was quite fun but now i cant get it to run im a noob if you think can help i will be very grateful for your answers :P
sparkydav - 11/01/2013
Great game. I agree, this version was as good or better than the coin op. SOOOOOOO hard to avoid those pesky flying creatures, what ever they were. 2 fireballs way up!
Boman - 12/09/2010
This plays even better than the original arcade version!
Gameplay is super smooth and graphics
are nice and chunky.

Jim Kuchera - 16/12/2006
This is an excellent translation from the arcade game of the same title. If you liked the quarter-eater, you'll like this. I don't like the game because I don't see the point. And, hey, should we really be playing a game called, "Satan's Hollow"??? Hmmm? Well, someone worked hard on this one, but for me it's little more than a yawn! :O.... Move on.


Satan's Hollow atari screenshot
Satan's Hollow atari screenshot
Satan's Hollow atari screenshot
Satan's Hollow atari screenshot


LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherCBS Software
Graphic Artist(s)Medium Cartridge
Cover Artist(s)Serial
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