Rescue Mission - Phase 2

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Lewis D'Aubin - 07/04/2006
How thrilling to see one of my old projects somehow leaked out and still alive, thanks to the internet and emulation scene!

'Rescue Mission' was to have been a 3-stage loader.

PHASE 1 was ripped off of Phoenix. Fly through vertically-scrolling space to the planet where the hostages were held, fighting off dive-bombing aliens. I got frustrated tweaking the aliens' A.I. and began work on...

PHASE 2. Ripped off of Ft. Apocalypse. Manoever across the planetscape, unlocking energy beams by landing on platforms. Once all beams are disabled, enter the underground fortress on...

PHASE 3. Ripped off of Shamus. 8 rooms from top-down perspective. You'd have to unlock doors to get to the hostages, keeping track of the diminishing time on the counter - when the counter dropsto zero, the planet will explode!

This project started in my early high school years and as I developed this version, I allowed a couple friends to see it. It was coming out so well, they couldn't believe it wasn't a commercial piece of software! I kept revising it so frequently as a result of learning new techniques every week, and kept re-writing parts of it. As a result it never got finished.



Rescue Mission - Phase 2 atari screenshot
Rescue Mission - Phase 2 atari screenshot


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