Quest for Eternity

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Comments (5)
Jonny EOL - 26/03/2015
Dan - Go to the Mags section, download Page 6/New Atari User, Issue 42. Solution is in there.
Dan - 20/03/2015
I have been playing this game for the best part of 27 years and have still not completed it. I have got to the first planet but totally stuck at the pyramid, if anyone knows what to do next please please please help!
Clark - 16/11/2008
Been playing this off and on for ages now and always stuck in same place. Have searched for a walkthrough to no avail, anyone know of a link before I go mad?
Chris - 25/04/2008
I got some way into this but always got stuck at a certain point!

Had an amusing response to putting in swear words - it would stick you in a location that you couldn't get out of (well I never found a way out!) and you would have to load the game again!
Jonny EOL - 11/11/2006
It sounded good but I found this adventure impossible to fathom - even when I got a walkthrough, I had little idea what was going on.


Quest for Eternity atari screenshot
Quest for Eternity atari screenshot
Quest for Eternity atari screenshot


GenreAdventure - TextYear1984
LanguageBASICPublisherArgus Press Software Group
Players1CountryUnited Kingdom

Cockram, David A.

Graphic Artist(s)MediumTape
Cover Artist(s)Serial
Dumpdownload atari Quest for Eternity Download

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Other version with the same title:


This game was also re-released on Compilation C.


Loading instructions:
- turn off disk drive and make sure you are in BASIC mode
- insert tape file in your emulator / APE
- type CLOAD
- type RUN.

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