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Comments (5)
thax - 18/10/2013
altho game play is a little lacking, the game on the whole is a superb effort for its time and it shows a sample of what the atari can really do. if only atari games started out at this quality!
gAmEr - 09/09/2009
I don't know how this game keeps getting voted back into the top 100, it wouldn't make my top 1000... the gameplay sucks, way too slow movement, just boring. A great graphics demo with little gameplay.
Ben Mills - 12/05/2009
Oh an just incase you want to know i feel ok if any one wants download this game as it is no longer made.

Thou i cant speek for my Dad and Andrew i am mostly shure they dont mind eith as i no my Dad has downloaded a rom for this (an im shure you cant be aressted for pirateing your own game lol) to remind me of it in the past so everyone feel free.

Aslong as the publisher aint gona be arsey about it.
Ben Mills - 12/05/2009
Hay there my dad is Andy Mills co-creator of this game.

The game shipt with me (Ben mills) as like 2nd or 3rd high score.

Im 22 now an love that ppl still remember this game. Almost epic that ppl still remember this game that Andy Mills (my Dad) and Andrew Dickinson made thanx Jonny EOL made me very happy today.
Jonny EOL - 04/05/2009
Fascintating to read the history of the game. I was at that very computer show in 1990! Can't remember if I bought the game there or mail-ordered it a few weeks later, but really enjoyed it in any case.


Plastron atari screenshot
Plastron atari screenshot
Plastron atari screenshot
Plastron atari screenshot
Plastron atari screenshot


GenreArcade - Collect'em!Year1990
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherHarlequin Software
Players1CountryUnited Kingdom

Dickinson, Andrew / Mills, Andy

Graphic Artist(s)

Munns, Richard

MediumTape Disk

Munns, Richard

Cover Artist(s)Truss, PaulSerial-
Dumpdownload atari Plastron Download

Additional Comments

Includes both original tape and disk versions. If you are using an emulator, make sure SIO is off to see the extra animation sequence before the title screen on the disk release!

Many thanks to Mr. Bacardi for the disk image!


Plastron Atari disk scan Plastron Atari disk scan


Plastron Atari instructions Plastron Atari instructions


Programmers' contract with Harlequin Software
Atarimania is very grateful to Andrew Dickinson for giving us permission to archive this unique and fascinating document!

Plastron Goodies Plastron Goodies Plastron Goodies Plastron Goodies Plastron Goodies Plastron Goodies Plastron Goodies


Stephen Goss of Harlequin Software speaks...
"This game was developed for Harlequin, after the developers had had difficulties with their previous publisher and were looking for another partner. It was the only true Harlequin release and came on cassette (a hand made disk version was available at the 1990 Atari Computer Show we attended with a Harlequin booth). The entire production run (some thousands) were hand packed by the staff and families at Harlequin, in John Knox's front room."

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