Oil's Well

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J - 28/07/2020
I didn't realize back then that this is an unauthorized clone of the Anteater arcade game.
Fred - 06/11/2018
Aackosoft published this game in 1984.
Philsan - 03/03/2011
At the time I didn't know this game. A real masterpiece! 10/10
marquisor - 25/08/2010
Great addictive game! A bit wonderous why not dying all time, but keeps the fun high! Because even without dying it's challenging. 8/10
progrocker69 - 15/05/2009
This game is an almost perfect clone of the arcade game "Anteater", published in 1982 by Stern. Instead of an anteater using his long tongue to eat ants and worms out of the ground while clearing a maze of dots as in "Anteater", in this game you are apparently cleaning out underground oil pipelines of dots while avoiding mechanical enemies.

There is a huge variety of mazes to complete and the difficulty ramps up somewhat while managing not to become unmanageable to anyone with a measure of old school arcade skill. I consider this to be one of the best games ever made for the Atari XL and I recommend it to anyone!


Oil's Well atari screenshot
Oil's Well atari screenshot
Oil's Well atari screenshot
Oil's Well atari screenshot
Oil's Well atari screenshot
Oil's Well atari screenshot
Oil's Well atari screenshot


GenreArcade - Collect'em!Year?
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherAackosoft

Mitchell, Thomas J.

Graphic Artist(s)




Cover Artist(s)[unknown]Serial1007

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Sierra On-Line, Main Street Publishing.

Missing original tape image!

Book / Magazine Reviews

 Electronic Games · May, 1984

Oil's Well takes players to an oil-rich drilling site practically dripping with black gold ready for the taking. All the gamer has to do is touch the oil pellets with the drill bit to pump the precious stuff to the surface. The only problem is that maverick oil barons, jealous of the fortune, have planted land mines and evil, lurking Oozies in the field to work their mischief. If the... [more]

 Electronic Fun · March, 1984Rating: 4 / 4 

Oil's Well is one of the most original arcade-style titles published this year for the home computer. Its method of play is refreshingly different from anything else, which is important because the concept of the game (munch the dots) has been overworked. The appeal of Oil's Well is the visual puzzle: can I get there before they do and what route should I take?

This is a... [more]

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