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James - 19/06/2016
To Peter D. - thanks for writing this game :) playing it gave me an idea to write my own game using Character Animation in BASIC - as I was too young too understand assembler at the time
Peter Diefenbach - 26/07/2010
This game was written by me and my brother Alexander, and was published in Computronic, Tronic Verlag, issue 09-10/1986 for typing it in.

It's now also available on my home page at, together with 20 levels created by my brother Alexander and 30 levels by Andreas Koch. If you too have levels you are willing to share and public, I'd be glad to add them to my homepage. -Peter Diefenbach
Andreas Koch - 04/10/2009
if the Happy Trash Software from the game Wille and this Happy Trash Software are the same (which is my guess), then the author of this game is Alexander Diefenbach.

Kitten originally appeared in the 80`s as a type-in listing at Tronic-Verlag (Computronic or Homecomputer magazine) with two or three levels. In the 90`s I used the editor to create 30 new levels, which were released in KE-Soft`s magazine ZONG.

In the meanwhile single-file versions of this game (with an unknown number of included levels) have appeared at Homesoft and various polish and czech sites... -Andreas Koch.


Kitten atari screenshot
Kitten atari screenshot


GenreArcade - Platformer (Single Screen)Year
Graphic Artist(s)Medium
Cover Artist(s)Serial
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Includes two screens and editor.
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