Gateway to Apshai

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Rick - 12/04/2021
Or better yet for 2 or 3 button support!
Rick - 12/04/2021
I'd like someone to edit this game for total keyboard control. Most helpful indeed.
Summer - 24/12/2016
The controls are a little bit of a pain but I loved this game back in the day and enjoy it just as much now. It's probably not for everyone, but I love the exploration and variation in monsters. The sound design is also very effective. Definitely my favourite Atari game.
Demonweed - 18/12/2016
This is a true jewel in the collection. Long before Nethack, and not long after Rogue itself, here was a real time rogue-like game. Gear, spells, monsters, traps -- all the key elements are in place. The balance is exquisite in terms of fun factor.
Kris - 29/04/2007
A fanstastic game because of the huge scope of the 8 levels, and the randomness that made it different every time. I recall having a freeze spell ready every time I entered a new room in the later levels. And mamba snakes were a total pain the rear....


Gateway to Apshai atari screenshot
Gateway to Apshai atari screenshot
Gateway to Apshai atari screenshot
Gateway to Apshai atari screenshot
Gateway to Apshai atari screenshot


GenreAdventure - RPG (2-D)Year
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherValue-U-Line

Farren, Michael

Graphic Artist(s)Medium Disk
Cover Artist(s)Serial26100D

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Gateway to Apshai Atari disk scan Gateway to Apshai Atari disk scan

Book / Magazine Reviews

 The Book of Atari Software · 1984Rating: B 

Gateway to Apshai fits the arcade style of fantasy role-playing more than its sister product, Temple of Apshai. The game takes place in real time with a joystick-controlled hero, thus progressing faster. You gather treasure in a multi-level dungeon filled with traps and monsters. The game presents a choice of sixteen different, huge dungeons containing seventy rooms on each of eight levels. You... [more]

 Electronic Games · May, 1984

Gateway to Apshai is a solid contrast to many of Epyx's older action/ adventure games. For one thing, the company has finally eliminated the need to boot the game with a BASIC cartridge in the slot, which generally results in choppy, frustratingly slow action. For another, Gateway to Apshai is available on cartridge, a welcome boon to would-be adventurers who have yet to add a disk drive to the... [more]

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