Escape from Dispozon

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Comments (2)
Germqn - 20/09/2012
Yes, this is Escape from Dispozon.

At runtime the name can be seen.
There is a title at loadtime as planetfill
Ribeyerare - 20/02/2012
I don't remember this game, but I bet it's actually supposed to be a page for, "escape from dispozon", an incredible, epic text adventure starring you as cpt. Havilfad, and your companion droid, the irascible, disobedient but very well spoken, iggy.
All commands were issued to iggy, who followed them only after a lengthily worded retort, but more often than not, he disregarded your orders and instead bemoaned, belittled, and beleaguered you relentlessly!
The game was cool because of the varied range of responses from iggy, it was like conversing with your Atari. In fact, the sheer size of iggy's text files made it so the game had to be published on 2 diskettes! Quite large for the time.
A fun and entertaining game, but my 8 year old self was never able to escape from dispozon, which was a planet covered entirely by a landfill.....coupled with the fact that the game was very similar to a game called "planetfall", I think that's why they often called this game "planetFILL" 
I could be wrong, but I haven't seen escape from dispozon on this site.


Escape from Dispozon atari screenshot
Escape from Dispozon atari screenshot
Escape from Dispozon atari screenshot


GenreAdventure - TextYear1989

Sherratt, Kevin J.

Graphic Artist(s)


Medium Disk


Cover Artist(s)[n/a]SerialVol. 7 / No. 11
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Additional Comments

From volume 7, issue 11 of Antic dated March 1989 (disk bonus).

Due to its size, the title was divided in two parts. This version loads the main section of the program and allows a few moves as some sort of preview but will crash beyond that point. For the complete two-disk game, Escape from Dispozon - Part II must be loaded when you are asked for the "Story Disk".

Missing original disk image!
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