Devil's Caverns

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Muffy St. Bernard - 26/11/2009
Wow, I typed this game in when I was a kid, and it didn't work! Now I can finally play it.

Instructions (from long-ago kid memory and looking at the BASIC listing): travel through the caves and collect as much gold as possible, then return to room 1 and type 99 (ends the game, gives rating based on gold).

There are twenty rooms in each level. When you enter a level it is randomly created. A "Dropoff" is a one-way exit to the next-lower level (type -1 to take it) and a "slide" is a one-way exit to another room in the same level.

Each room has 0-3 exits (sometimes exits are one-way even if they don't say so). When trapped, use your wand (99) which creates an exit, or might backfire and lower your speed/strength.

Attack monsters with 0 to gain experience and release some amount of gold (maximum amount is listed before you attack). To get gold, move to another room. Return to room 1 (on any level) and type 0 to trade experience for speed and strength (1:1 relationship).

If "demons" or "gas" are in the room, each turn they have a chance of hurting you. You can't hurt them. There are also random chances of tremors which either trap you or rearrange the level.

On lower levels, monsters are harder, you lose stats faster, but gold rewards are higher.


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GenreAdventure - RPG (Text)Year?
LanguageBASICPublisher[no publisher]

Engel, C. W. / Clawges, Ted

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