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Comments (6)
ccc--- - 21/04/2019
The label on the tape says "Atari ST" ;-)
Robert - 03/07/2008
The Dutch tape release by Aackosoft used the same packaging as the C64 version. Thus the description on the back was about the game play of the C64 Airwolf which sounded a bit like a better version of Fort Apocalypse. But unlike the C64 version, the Atari version was just a renamed Blue Thunder game. Thus the C64 Airwolf is completely different from the Atari Airwolf. Heavily disappointed that the game was very different from the description on the packaging, and a bad game as well, I returned it to the shop and got a refund :-)

B.t.w. The Dutch Aackosoft release loads the loading picture as one big tape block instead of several regular sized tape blocks as in the tape image you can download from this site.
Nixon - 17/04/2006
I completely agree with the others:( creepy gameplay and except for the title screen the whole thing didnt have anything to do with the airwolf off:(
Ben Coulson - 16/01/2006
I originally bought this game going on the screenshots that were on the back of the box foolishly believing that the game would be as good as the other systems. I was very disapointed to discover the mediocre fair that finally loaded itself. It bore little (if any) resemblance to the TV Show and was most defintely overpriced for what it was. Not enjoyable in any sense of the word:(
Atari_E477 - 29/12/2005
I agree with Mike's comments 100%. Airwolf had a fine looking title screen with chrome-effect lettering, but went downhill from there. Airwolf is instructive to have in your library's hall-of-shame, as way of comparison with much stronger titles of the same era (1985).
Mike - 07/01/2005
A re-release of Blue Thunder, which was poor first time round. Apparently Blue Thunder was released to test the market. You'd think they'd have got the message. Poor game play, difficult controls and average graphics make this game resonably okay as a budget buy, but definitely not worth the £9.95 that Elite were asking when it was released back in 1985. This sort of game smells of games that were released in the infancy of ATARI 8-bits, whereas in 1985 there were lots of far better titles around.


Airwolf atari screenshot
Airwolf atari screenshot
Airwolf atari screenshot
Airwolf atari screenshot
Airwolf atari screenshot


GenreShoot'em Up! - RescueYear1985
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherElite
Players1CountryUnited Kingdom

Wilcox, Richard / Perks, Trevor

Graphic Artist(s)




Cover Artist(s)[unknown]Serial-
Dumpdownload atari Airwolf Download

Additional Comments

Re-release of Blue Thunder.


Airwolf Atari tape scan Airwolf Atari tape scan Airwolf Atari tape scan Airwolf Atari tape scan Airwolf Atari tape scan
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