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Comments (5)
mark wolo - 09/02/2018
This was one of the most addictive games for the Atari 2600. Truly would've been worth to adapt as a coin op game. This game was so popular that Howard Scott Warsaw should've made a sequel if Atari allowed him to.
rave.N - 29/07/2015
Recent research told how the author of Yars' Revenge declared that an Exact clone of "Star Castle" was impossible to pull off on model 2600 hardware, however now somebody very lately succeeded at doing Star Castle for 2600 but it ain't found on atarimania, yet? I'm interested in seeing it, if it exists.
rave.N - 29/07/2015
Created to mimic the gameplay of the Arcade classic "Star Castle" by Cinematronic, which drew using a vector CRT (like Asteroids and BattleZone), and rumored to be named after the CEO of Atari at the time it was made, Ray somebody. A lot of people's first impression is "hey the TV just broke" because that Zone seen on an old CRT resembled white noise of failing electronics. See the permanent notes across this page for an Easter Egg.
Akira808 - 10/05/2010
I love this game!! This is one of the best games ever for the 2600. I've got an emulator which I highly recommend (Stella 3.1.2 is the current version) to play this on. Boy, things get difficult once you reach 70,000, but once you reach 150,000, watch out!! The swirls begin homing in on you, and they get unpredictable!! I managed to turn the score over, and boy, it wasn't easy!! Very enjoyable, and it keeps you on your toes!!
Payton Byrd - 20/11/2006
This was the first game that I really got sunk into. I mean, sunk like the Titanic. I actually played this game so much that I could simply dash over, grab a bite of shield to charge up, and then kill the boss as soon as a shot was clear on each and every level.

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Trivia -

Team Tap
Supports up to 4 players woth Team Tap -adapter.

Game is incomplete but features at least 4 levels.

Additional Credits
Framework: Dead Hackers Society

PD-Palvelu's Kuukausilevyke was the second major Finnish diskmagazine for the Atari ST in Finland.

It was born when ST Klubi (team behind Suomenkieliset Tietosanomat) and ex-member Heinrich Pesch parted ways. His new diskmagazine ran from Jan 1989 to Dec 1990 and total of 21 issues were produced. Issues Oct and Nov 1989 along with Sep 1990 wasn't released due to the authors hardware problems.

Kuukausilevy didn't use any particular shell or browser for the documents. It was all plain text files. Every issue featured news from Atari World, translated overview of the latest issue of German ST-Magazin along with updated catalog of his PD-disk service Pesch was also running.

Rest of the disk was full of the latest PD software and some rare programs by the Finnish PD developers aswell as by the author himself.

Additional credits
DSP replay routine - TAT

Sounds samples for this game were taken from various Apollo missions.

This game features digital title music

Written with Fast Basic

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