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Hoessi666 - 01/03/2020
I hated, when I first saw it and recongnized that the Eggs were floating around instead of falling down. But with a bit of Distance and playing it again, it was Fun. It's not as good as the 7800- or 8-Bit-Computer-Versions, but it's a decent Game, which I now play regularly.
Still, a Remake with the Powers of the Melody-Boards couldn't be wrong... (Hello SpiceWare and Champ Games!)
Charles A. - 26/01/2019
Surprised to see a port this descent for Joust, on the 2600. It's simplistic, with less platforms, but really does have the game play down, close to the original.
son of a mother! - 15/11/2009
holy crap!
this game was awesome!

Information - Joust

GenreArcade - JoustYear1983
Players1, 1 vs. 2CountryBrazil

Feinstein, Michael / Osborn, Kevin

Medium Cartridge

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Although announced, this game was most probably never released by Polyvox.

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