6.19) What types of memory upgrades are there for the Atari?

This section by Andreas Koch.

Just a short overview here, for a more detailed description (table), see
also 8.10 kinds of atari ramdisks (and 8.11 + 8.12 for programs that
support or require a ramdisk). The following memory enhancements do exist:
- Atari 400/800: ramdisks on memory boards, that fit into the normal
  Atari 800 memory slots (Axlon and Mosaic types);
- Atari XL/XE: a) internal memory enhancements:
  - piggy-back versions,
  - professionel PCB versions,
  - SIMM-module versions;
               b) external memory enhancements:
  - via XL-Parallel-Bus,
  - via XE-Cart.port+ECI,
  - Flash-ROM cart. versions,
  - other Cartridge versions,
  - RAM-Card versions,
  - SIO-cartridge versions,
  - ...               
Note that many of these XL/XE memory enhancements are just hobbyist or
selfmade-projects. Most versions which use newer PC technologies
(Flash-ROM cart., RAM-Card, SIO-cart., etc.) are still under development!

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