8.7) What programs have a paddle(s) or Koala Pad mode?

Andreas Koch contributes:

- Super Breakout (Atari)  breakout clone
- Live Wire (Analog)   tempest clone
- Live wire 2 (Analog) tempest clone
- Planetary Defense (Analog)
- Pong (Antic)    Pong clone
- Pong (Analog)   Pong clone
- Super Ball (Compy-Shop Magazin)  Breakout clone
- Arkanoid (Taito/Imagic)   Breakout clone
- Koala/Micro-Illustrator (Island graphics/Koala Ware) graphics program
- Chiseler (Antic or Analog) a breakout clone
- Slime (Synapse) a slimy shooter...
- Chicken (Synapse) catch the chicken eggs...
- One on One (Compute!) a breakout/warlords clone
- Paratroop Attack by David Plotkin
- all Pinballs created with the P.C.S. 
  (use left paddle trigger for left flipper and right paddle trigger for
   right flipper; or simply use a joystick and left/right/fire button);
- many more Pong and Breakout clones
  (forgot their names, maybe someone can help here!)
- many more programs (which I do not remember right now!)

for Koala Pad only: - Micro-Illustrator / Koala Painter
                    - other Koala Pad painters or programs

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