6.4) What graphics tablets were produced for the Atari?

According to Wikipedia, a graphics tablet (or digitizing tablet, graphics pad,
drawing tablet) is a computer input device that allows one to hand-draw images
and graphics, similar to the way one draws images with a pencil and paper.
At the time of the Atari computer the more popular term was: touch tablet

Several graphics tablets were produced and marketed for the Atari 8-bit

o Animation Station by Suncom
  - Shipped with DesignLab disk (Suncom version of Blazing Paddles)
  - Fully compatible with the earlier, popular KoalaPad
  - Work surface is about the same size as the one on the Atari Touch
    Tablet - about 50% larger than the KoalaPad's
  - A list of compatible software is elsewhere in the FAQ list.

o Atari Touch Tablet CX77
  - Shipped with AtariArtist cartridge RX8053
    (Illustrator product by Island Graphics, Atari Touch Tablet version)
  - Also shipped with CX8104 Atari 810/1050 Master Diskette II disk (DOS 2.0S)
  - Similar to the popular, earlier KoalaPad, but returns reversed
    y-position values compared to the KoalaPad/Animation Station tablets
  - Device measures 7.5" x 9.5" x 1.25"
  - Drawing surface measures 5" x 6.5"
  - A list of compatible software is elsewhere in the FAQ list.

o KoalaPad Touch Tablet by Koala Technologies
  - Koala Model 004 for use with Atari computers
  - Atari version shipped with one of:
     - Micro Illustrator (disk) by Steven Dompier for Koala, (c)1983
       (Illustrator product by Island Graphics, KoalaPad version)
     - KoalaPainter (cartridge)
       (Illustrator product by Island Graphics, KoalaPad version)
  - Device measures 8.5" x 6.5" x 2"
  - The square drawing area is 4.25" on each side.
  - Very popular
  - A list of compatible software is elsewhere in the FAQ list.

o Kurta Graphics Tablet by Kurta Corporation
  - Very early device
  - 400/800 only: requires controller ports 1, 2, and 3
  - Device measures 13" x 15.5"
  - Shipped with Kurta Demo Disk
  - Kurta Atari Graphics System, sold separately, includes software:
    o Road Map Distance Analysis
    o Length
    o Area - Calculation of areas (any shape)
    o Sound - display pen location by means of sound
    o Drawing
    o Graphics
  - See ANALOG #1 for a review (p. 16) and an ad (p. 17)

o PowerPad by Chalk Board, Inc.
  - A unique and very large device
  - Device measures 17" x 19" x 1.5"
  - 12" x 12" square drawing area
  - Shipped without software
  - Cartridges released separately by Chalk Board for the PowerPad:
    - BearJam
    - Leo's 'Lectric Paintbrush
    - LogicMaster
    - MicroMaestro
    - Micro Illustrator
      (Illustrator product by Island Graphics, PowerPad version)

o Super Sketch by Personal Peripherals, Inc. (PPI)
  - Atari version
  - Shipped with Graphics-Master cartridge
  - A 10" X 14" tablet
  - Similar to the earlier VersaWriter - trace or freehand a drawing
    into the computer.
  - Planned Atari software from PPI for used with Super Sketch (released???):
     - In-Store Demo (disk)
     - Printer Utility (disk)
     - Business Presentor (disk)
     - Master Home Planner (disk)
     - Super Music Box (cartridge)

o VersaWriter Drawing Tablet by Versa Computing, later by Peripherals Plus
  - Shipped with Graphics Software (2 disks)
  - Trace or freehand a drawing into the computer
  - Dimensions: 12" x 13.5"
  - See ANALOG #4 (1981) p. 46 for ad, p. 47 for review
  - See Creative Computing vol. 8 no. 4 April 1982 p. 79 for another ad.
  - Reviewed: SoftSide #45, November 1983, pp. 90-91
  - Reviewed (with picture) in Atari Classics June 1993 pp. 26-28
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