10.6) How can my PC utilize my Atari disk drive?

==> 1050-2-PC, by Nick Kennedy

1050-2-PC is a device used to allow the PC to communicate directly with an
Atari disk drive.  It requires hardware which is very similar to the SIO2PC
but configured differently.  It allows direct sector I/O with the Atari drive
and can be used to create disk iamges which will emulate copy protection
schemes when run on SIO2PC.

More 1050-2-PC information: http://www.cox-internet.com/wa5bdu/1050.txt
SIO2PC home page: http://www.cox-internet.com/wa5bdu/sio2pc.htm

==> APE ProSystem, by Steve Tucker

The APE ProSystem goes beyond Steve Tucker&#146s Atari Peripheral Emulator (APE).
The ProSystem has two components:

- The program PROSYS.EXE is used to create the protected and unprotected
disk images which are then used by APE.

- The ProSystem hardware is a cable designed to allow direct connection
of a stock 1050 disk drive directly to a PC&#146s serial port for use by the
PROSYS.EXE software.


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